Grateful, Thankful, Blessed


May this be a beautiful Thanksgiving day (or simply a beautiful day of thanks!) for you and your loved ones! 

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of the REAL power and energy of GRATITUDE.  

It's a true life force that can be unleashed for our greatest good and potential.  

We hear a lot about gratitude, but we don’t always hear WHY it’s such a gateway to our power!

(Thanks to the fabulous Lisa Bower for this photo sequence of me blowing a kiss to the Dirty Dog Live Music audience.  It seemed fitting for one of my favorite anonymous expressions of humanity: "Grateful, Thankful, Blessed.")

In a nutshell, friend, here’s how Gratitude really works:  

In every moment, we have the power of choice.  

We can either choose to focus on feelings which generate low energy, lead to low quality decision making, and lead to low value outcomes in our lives.

Or, we can choose feelings that generate powerful energy (like the energy of gratitude!), which leads to high quality decision making, and high value outcomes in our lives.  

You have the power - at any time - to tap into the Universe’s limitless supply of energy - and activating GRATITUDE in your mind and body is one of the most effective and rapid ways to do so. 

I have so much more to tell you about the science behind all of this - it’s all part of the new Mindset Breakthrough coaching I’m doing this year.  I help people clear out the path to making super powerful choices. 

For now here’s a quick exercise that helps me cultivate gratitude quickly, especially when “triggered” by any unwanted outside stimulus, or whenever I allow an old limiting belief to throw off my thinking:

It’s a simple fill in the blanks, and I’ve found that the differing prompts and prepositions elicit different paths toward gratitude for me and my clients.  And please feel free to share!

If you have any trouble fleshing out the prompts or finding the blessing in any certain area of your life, just hit reply and I’ll walk you through it!

And I’m happy to share the more in depth work with you on a complimentary call - this work has been completely transformational to me personally and professionally, and I’ve been blessed to share it with my VIP clients and colleagues - here’s what they’ve had to say

And just FYI - tmrw I’ll be sending you an AMAZING opportunity to go BEYOND gratitude and into a full round of mindset coaching, just in time to throw the doors wide open to your most powerful 2020! 

It’s a mini-coaching package with maximum power - so if you’re interested, be sure to subscribe here to receive my special email tomorrow morning. 

(And just a heads up that this special will only be live through Cyber Monday or until spots are full, as I've got limited spacing to offer one on one private sessions these days.)

On Thanksgiving day, we're naturally prompted to give thanks - I challenge you to operationalize that phenomenal energy, and to continue taking your gratitude practice to a higher level and feel the benefits, not just today but every day.  

Pssst. . .I love filling in these prompts both morning and evening, even if some days just out loud or in the shower versus written in my journal.

Happy Thanksgiving or day of thanks, beautiful!  

Comment below and share your Gratitude Prompts with me? 

Studies show the many positive effects of this type of exercise, and there’s just something special about sending them to a friend. 

(Mine are below.)

With so much love and many blessings always! 


I’m grateful for. . . YOU.  Knowing you are there and being excited about everything you’re up to and how I can support you in your dreams keeps me always inspired to serve and learn and grow and share!

I’m blessed to. . . do the work I love more than anything: liberating others’ creative force and mindsets from negative thought patterns through music, coaching, speaking, dance, etc. 

I appreciate. . . this epic life journey.  And traveling it along with you. 

I’m thankful for. . . ALL who took a chance on me when I began my business over a dozen years ago now, and who evolved along with us as The Fleming School of the Arts grew to include the arts of personal development, high performance, and mindset evolution. 

I’m joyful to. . . all the mentors I’ve had over the years - everyone who continually helps me help others transcend the limiting beliefs holding them back, keeping them stuck, and facilitating their playing small.  I think it’s some of the most important work in the world and I’m so grateful for all who have contributed to my part in elevating the mindset of humanity.

I’m blessed with . . . the world’s most amazing tribe of nieces and nephews, every one of whom is a unique, brilliant, inspiring star in my life.  I’m blessed with the man of my dreams, dearest family and friends who love me, the most dedicated, brave, hardworking students and clients, and the 3 most perfect quirky little kitties.

I’m so lucky because. . . you’re only a message away.  Because I know I can reach out to you anytime and you’ll be there.  And I hope you feel the same.  

I won't eat too much. . . turkey.  :)  

Carla Fleming (Carlaquarius)
Mindset Transformation Coach
Certified High Performance Coach

Carla is always in motion, and forever a teacher – and student – at heart.
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I'm thankful to call you friend! 

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