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The Wonder of Mothers


The Wonder of Mothers

Mothers are the ultimate commonality

uniting all of humanity.  

Whatever the degree 

of connection or relationship, 

whether they are here with us now, 

or in our spirit,

Each and every one of us can say

that however many years ago,

one brave woman

conquered physical anguish,

weathered emotional toll,

and experienced the wonder

of delivering us into life.

So that we

could simply 


~Carla Fleming


Every day is a good day to celebrate the amazing mothers in our lives. 

From Mother Earth, to all the mothers on Earth, and in your life, and in your spirit. 

All the birth mothers, step mothers, grandmothers, God mothers, sisters, aunties, friends, and pet mothers, mothers in law, friends' mothers, mothers to be, mothers who want to be, mothers in the making, mothers who help make us who we are. . . 

And be sure to celebrate yourself today and always!  As a mother on the list above or in...

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Grateful, Thankful, Blessed


May this be a beautiful Thanksgiving day (or simply a beautiful day of thanks!) for you and your loved ones! 

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of the REAL power and energy of GRATITUDE.  

It's a true life force that can be unleashed for our greatest good and potential.  

We hear a lot about gratitude, but we don’t always hear WHY it’s such a gateway to our power!

(Thanks to the fabulous Lisa Bower for this photo sequence of me blowing a kiss to the Dirty Dog Live Music audience.  It seemed fitting for one of my favorite anonymous expressions of humanity: "Grateful, Thankful, Blessed.")

In a nutshell, friend, here’s how Gratitude really works:  

In every moment, we have the power of choice.  

We can either choose to focus on feelings which generate low energy, lead to low quality decision making, and lead to low value outcomes in our lives.

Or, we can choose...

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It's Not Who You Know...


I’m curious: have you ever heard someone say this?  

It’s all about who you know in this world.  

A client recently shared the above adage with me. 

They were feeling blocked, and that they should be further along than they are now in their career.  They felt they had been passed over for the bigger opportunities they wanted in life because they just weren’t in with the “right” people.

Without any judgement of their feelings or beliefs, we got to work exploring the proven High Performance Habits that would quickly shift them back into the present and back into momentum. 

We also fleshed out their answer to this question:  What if the "right" people are right in front of you, right now?

Because here’s what I’ve found to be truth on this topic: 

"It's not who you know, it's who you help, and who they know."  ~Carla Fleming


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The week is YOURS.



What's the limit to human potential?  

Short answer:  We don’t know.  Our potential has never been capped.  

Think about it: as a species we’ve literally never reached the extent of what we’re truly capable of.

Because we’re ALWAYS able to outperform ourselves and excel to the next level - especially with the right training and mindset.   
Our capacity to achieve only continues to expand:  All the records we’ve broken. The multiverses we’ve discovered.  The strengths we’ve summoned - far beyond what anyone believed was possible.

That means YOUR potential has no limits, either, my friend.  

Pretty exciting stuff if you have BIG GOALS for 2019 - and I hope you do.  

I recently went LIVE with a training on achieving your highest potential, and because I think you’ll gain immense value from it, I’ll share it with...

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What is High Performance Coaching?


Life coaching is a relatively new industry.

Those who have hired great coaches and have experienced the results know the value.

I often receive the question, "What exactly IS coaching?" or "How is High Performance Coaching different from regular life coaching?"

As coaching becomes more and more popular - and as Certified High Performance Coaching continues to sweep the world as the #1 coaching process - teams, companies, and individuals are looking for top coaches to help them achieve at their maximum potential. 

Here’s my personal experience as both a coach and client of both general life coaching, as well as Certified High Performance Coaching.

So just as athletes and vocalists hire coaches to shorten their learning journeys and help them excel in their fields and reach certain goals or levels, people who want to excel at the game of life or business hire specific coaches to inspire, educate, and motivate them, and to hold them accountable to their...

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What does your life's movie look like?


I received a really beautiful early bday pressie - Mom and Dad included some vintage pics in my bday card and what a lovely surprise to see an old pic I don't even remember being taken. 

And perhaps a hairdo I'd wish to forget. :)

Just a random scene of my long and (mostly) happy life that gets longer and happier as I grow.  :)

You can't see my bro's face here but there he is at my right hand side - these were our "spots" at the dinner table every night, and I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of our moments, and just the asides, and the family dinners together.

No phones, just fam. Just making each other laugh. Just telling stories. Making up songs. Annoying + upsetting each other (a.k.a. growing + learning from one another!).  :) And sharing our everyday lives. I'll cherish it all forever.

Hope this isn’t too much on a nice sunny (at least in Erie!) Friday, but thinking about my bro makes me think about the other side of course, and I...

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My B-School Story


I was all over the place!

Prior to B-School, I was “trading time for dollars” in my private music lesson and belly dance businesses, and though I loved working in my passions, I often felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of management time that my brick and mortar arts school really required of me.  

I was also making every mistake in the book when it came to marketing and I was paying the price in full page ads that got no traction, as just one example!  

I hustled, I “grinded”, and finally I was maxed out teaching 60 lessons a week.  I was losing my voice, I didn’t have time for my creative endeavors, I was spending all hours on administration, and knowing I couldn’t continue at this pace, no matter how much I loved teaching my beloved students.  

I didn’t know the meaning of the word “scale” yet, but even with no formal business training and just my hands-on entrepreneurial drive, I was able...

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