It's Not Who You Know...


I’m curious: have you ever heard someone say this?  

It’s all about who you know in this world.  

A client recently shared the above adage with me. 

They were feeling blocked, and that they should be further along than they are now in their career.  They felt they had been passed over for the bigger opportunities they wanted in life because they just weren’t in with the “right” people.

Without any judgement of their feelings or beliefs, we got to work exploring the proven High Performance Habits that would quickly shift them back into the present and back into momentum. 

We also fleshed out their answer to this question:  What if the "right" people are right in front of you, right now?

Because here’s what I’ve found to be truth on this topic: 

"It's not who you know, it's who you help, and who they know."  ~Carla Fleming

Focusing on your service to others is a fast path back to presence and healthy perspective when you've been feeling "behind" or "left out". 

If you're really giving and helping others to the best of your ability, and when you build up a driving force in life by being of service to others - not to get something in return, but simply because it feels good for all involved - you open doors to opportunities you didn’t even know existed.  

I constantly receive the most wonderful referrals and grand opportunities from the people I’ve encountered who remember the service I provided them when they needed it.

They don’t recommend me simply because I know them - it’s specifically because in the past, I have helped or uplifted them in some way.  

I believe the people you have helped and loved in this life will someday surprise you with the most wonderful miracles - things which may not even seem to come directly from them, but from energy itself...

Whether blessing you with connections to people you admire, or being there for you above and beyond, suggesting you for the opportunities you most adore, or sharing you wholeheartedly with their audience, etc...

All because of the way you’ve made them feel when you went out of your way to guide or assist them.  

Just last week I was invited to perform at Discover Presque Isle, a huge weekend festival in Erie, PA.  

How did the committee hear about me?  

They were sent my way by a former belly dance student from over a decade ago - before the days of Facebook - this is someone I had actually lost touch with inadvertently, and years passed by.

She has since founded The Erie Wellness Network, and remembering our exciting classes and the way my service of teaching dance had made her feel, she wanted the folks at Discover Presque Isle to have this experience as well.  I felt so honored that she still felt this way after all these years!

I’m sure you have millions of examples of times that you have been in service 
and it led to wonderful new opportunities for you.  I would love to hear about one in the comments below. 

If you ever find yourself feeling any combination of unsupported, overwhelmed, left out of the "in crowd", etc. - keep focusing on service, my friend.  

And keep deeply reflecting regularly on your life as we do in High Performance work, so that you are continually doing more and more of what truly brings you and others JOY. 

It can be tempting in our own lives to fall for the scarcity mindset where it seems others are more connected than we are, or that we don’t know the “right” people to send us our next "lucky break”.  

But in this very moment, what if you already know exactly the people whom you are here to mutually elevate, and to mutually partake in one another’s greatest expansions on this planet.  

Keep moving forward and keep being kind.

Your kindness alone is worth more to humanity than we may even truly know right now.  

And momentum is gathering behind the scenes, just for you, even if or when it may seem otherwise.

Always cheering for your highest potential!

And thank you for your help in my growth on this planet, friend.  Your goodness is always in my heart.  

Much love and many blessings,


P.S.  If you loved this new take on an old adage and you think someone else might benefit from hearing it - please share and spread the mindset.

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