What They're Saying

"Carla Fleming helps you get big results in record time! 

With her coaching I’ve changed my mindset, changed my entire business model, and attracted brand new paying clients! 

She helped me see what was really holding me back from the success I desired. 

I’ve also borrowed some of Carla’s enthusiasm and gratitude for life.   I’m creating what is possible for me!"

Shirley Dalton, AUSTRALIA

“You can bear your soul to Carla.  You will feel honored, appreciated, and in a safe place. 

She has a precious gift and she takes the responsibility of what she does very seriously.  She is a phenom for sure! " 


Paul Christoffersen, COLORADO

“Follow people who have what you want and are willing to teach you how they got it.  Thanks, Carla Fleming!" 

Roy Williams, ILLINOIS

“I gained new business immediately and my social media engagement went through the roof - I had over 9,000 views on one video alone!

My fellow Mavens told me they’ve watched as I stepped into my power during this mastermind.

They can see my transformation, and I can feel it."


“Carla is a master communicator.  She inspires me constantly.  I’m grateful to have the advantage of being in her circle.”  

Mike Pettigrew, IRELAND

“I'm soooo happy I met Carla and to now be a part of this mastermind!

I am totally blown away by Carla’s rich content and she has such a bright inner light.  A true inspiration and such a good teacher."  (2015)

Aina Myrvold, NORWAY

“I’m in a brand new, gorgeous studio, my marriage is stronger than ever, and there is no challenge I cannot tackle.

Carla's mastermind is the best in the city, if not the world!"  (2015)

Jennifer Dworek, PENNSYLVANIA

“Carla has an innate ability to "see others" and honor their soul. I am GRATEFUL to have found her. She inspires me.

I want to be her, with her spiritual self, when I grow up!" (2014) 

Heidi Parr Kerner, Pennsylvania

“I've achieved more life and career goals working with Carla for months, than on my own in the last decade! She helped me find my confidence and eliminate chaos. Most of all, my son sees his mother love and respect herself, so he will grow up to do the same. This experience has changed the outcome of my entire life, and the outcome for generations!" (2014)

Maria S., Pennsylvania

“I'm a multi-passionate person and have always gotten the advice to "narrow down" my interests. I tried multiple times to make others happy, but choosing one over another made me very unhappy and very stressed!

Working with Carla, she saw me as limitless! It gave me the confidence to realize I'm allowed to love many things, and I don't need to narrow down, just more productively manage. She seemed to really understand my insecurities and what was holding me back from my goals, and instead of just telling me how to overcome them, she helped me realize I have the strength within me to know how to do so myself. I was able to clarify my goals and I saw the steps needed to take to manifest my current successes.

Carla's like a big sister. When you first meet her you realize you want and need this warm presence and energy around, to help you meet your goals quickly!” (2015)

Susie Hosterman, Pennsylvania

“Carla is love personified.

I am so blessed and grateful to have found her and her expertise.

She's made immeasurable differences in both my life and businesses."  (2017)

Sondra Joyce, Colorado

“GAHHHH !! Seriously fun and inspiring to be able to share and connect in this like-minded supportive environment!! I thank you , Carla Fleming , for being the "mastermind" behind this mastermind. Your heart is so true. ” (2016)

Jennifer Edgerton, Pennsylvania

“Carla is such a beautiful example of leading with action and heart!

She has put together some of the most amazing people in this mastermind and I can’t wait to get to know everyone!” (2015)

Petra Rolander, SWEDEN

“This girl has an AMAZING knack for putting everything else aside and focusing intently on you and how she can help you!

It is WELL WORTH the time to see how Carla can propel your social media and business strategies forward this year!" (2015)

Samantha Lincoln, PENNSYLVANIA

Carla has that charisma, that IT factor.  She’s going to reach millions.


“Carla has such a kind, compassionate, soft energy. But don’t let that softness fool you - she asks the hard-hitting questions that get you reflecting and moving to your next level!!" 


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