Certified High Performance Coaching - Apply for a complimentary Strategy Session with Carla

What is Certified High Performance Coaching?

High Performance Coaching is challenging and inspiring an individual to outperform their typical standard norms and life experiences, in order to live into their highest potential faster.  

It is stoking the client’s ambition across all areas of their lives holistically - whether in their successes, relationships, well-being, career, purpose, mindset, energy, influence, etc.

It is conditioning their approach to life at a mastery level using a proven curriculum based in habits and driven by results.  

As we know, there is as of yet no cap on human potential. There are no known limits as to what any of us is truly capable of achieving in this lifetime.

High Performance Coaching is collaborating with an individual or group or team to produce their maximum desired results but consistently, over the long term, so that they are striving satisfied through a fulfilling life.  

Research shows that as humans live into their highest performing potential, they ultimately lead happier lives, as we’re inherently wired to pursue growth and fulfillment.

Happier lives lead to more peace, less stress, more collaboration, less distraction, more solutions, more contribution.

In my view it can be said therefore that life coaching of all genres and specifically High Performance Coaching, is literally saving the world. 

All coaching is good. 

But High Performance Coaching is the world's leading and scientifically proven curriculum for operationalizing the AHAs and breakthroughs of your life.   

No more waiting for motivation or inspiration to strike.  We can strategize that, and we can prove it. 

High Performance Coaching is not solving a client’s problems for them.  

It’s not therapy as it has a predominantly future lean.  

It’s not consulting or advising.  

And it’s not about focusing on the myths of your "innate strengths" or "fixed" personality traits.  Research shows that humans can transcend any of these limitations and more with the right approach. 

For the client it’s about learning, practicing, and mastering the specific habits that lead to lasting transformation, flow, and productivity toward what is truly desired.  

For the coach it’s about asking the thought-provoking, needle-moving questions that point the client to their own truths, insights, and next right actions, and training them from a proven syllabus that works. 

The result is maximum levels of joy, full engagement with life, and an assertive, playful confidence fitting of a true leader or role model.  

You'll leave this 1-hour complimentary High Performance Strategy Session ready to implement custom strategies, tailored to your most immediate needs, goals, and dreams, and a plan in place to apply them consistently and scale them to reach your highest potential.

We'll dive deep into your current levels of Clarity, Energy, Courage, and Influence, in order to maximize these 6 secrets of the world's highest performing achievers:  

Psychology, Physiology, Productivity, Persuasion, Presence, and Purpose.  

You'll learn to apply these cutting-edge techniques toward every new venture you approach in your life, career, or business moving forward.   

"There is another level of joy, fulfillment, confidence, engagement, and mastery, for each and every one of us.  High Performance is the most enjoyable and effective way to achieve that level.  My clients' results are the testimony."  

~Carla Fleming, Inspirator, award-winning entrepreneur and team leader, and Certified High Performance Coach



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