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The Fleming School of the Arts - Serving Erie area & online students around the globe since 2007.  

"Give the gift of music or the arts and change a life forever."
~Carla Fleming

A note from founder and award-winning entrepreneur, Carla Fleming (CarlaQuarius):

Welcome to the Fleming School and our digital home!

It's been an honor serving our hard working and talented students for over a dozen years now!  

What began as a small but quality music school inside a remodeled barn in Lake City, PA, has morphed into our beloved school of many arts of all kinds. 

Over the years we've offered lessons, classes, recitals, and master workshops in everything from music, composition, language arts, dance and belly dance, yoga, writing, drawing, painting, and more!  

All the while, as my own journey in the arts has unfolded, I became aware that my passion for the art of personal development was one of the most important topics we could offer.    

In addition to teaching our regular music and arts lessons, I've since become a Certified High Performance Coach and have added many new offerings to broaden the definition of the arts at our school.  

My co-founder and guitar, bass, and ukulele instructor James (also the love of my life!) and I both became graduates of High Performance Academy.   We love helping our students use the strategies we've learned to enhance their performances, practice and creative discipline, and mindfulness skills as they progress in their musical and artistic journeys.  

Sp please enjoy exploring and while you're here go ahead and schedule a complimentary 15-minute strategy session with me to decide which of our offerings may be best for you.  I'm happy to help you find your passion or choose a great place to start!    

Or go ahead and shop for your favorite lessons or classes or gifts for loved ones below. 

Nothing makes a more meaningful gift in my view, to both give or receive, than a gift revolving around personal growth, connection, education, communication, or the arts - all the things that seem to make time on our planet so special. 

And as always, just reach out to me here via my Contact Form with any questions you may have at all. 

I'll reply personally and I look forward to helping you find that special gift for yourself or that special someone. 

Wishing you a fabulous year full of abundance and growth! 

Many blessings & much love,  



You'll find specials below on:

  • Music Lessons & Performance Coaching
  • Belly Dance Classes
  • Certified High Performance Coaching
  • Business Maven Coaching
  • Maven Life Mastery Group Coaching, Featuring Certified High Performance Coaching 
  • Plus, you can order my new book on Amazon, "The Picture This Anthology" featuring my original songs as seen in my TEDx performances.  

Scroll down for details and to begin your exciting journey with The Fleming School of the Arts!

For Your Favorite Budding Musician: 

Private Lesson Gift Certificates:
Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Stage Presence, Recital Prep, and High Performance

Two locations:  
  • The Fleming School of the Arts in West MillCreek (near Waldameer)
  • Mercyhurst University Sullivan Conservatory (near State Street, Erie)

"As a University trained musician and international performer I've been teaching music for over 20 years.  At both my home studio and Mercyhurst University, I offer piano lessons, ukulele lessons, voice coaching, guitar lessons, theory, ear and pitch training, and performance coaching to students ages 3 to adult.  

I am blessed to help musicians find and develop their sound and I believe music makes the world a better place. My students love our state of the art studios, professional recitals, and the West MillCreek and East Erie locations.

As a Certified High Performance Coach I also instill a holistic approach to the student's practice routine, mental discipline, confidence, creative expression, and performance skills."

Click below to message me via my Contact Form, and we'll hop on the phone to see which instrument or program is the best fit for you or your child!

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For Your Best Growth Friend: 

Limited Time only: 
High Performance Strategy Session 

Achieve Your Goals Faster

As one of just 300 mastery-level coaches worldwide certified in world-renowned High Performance Coaching, I'll help you live into your highest potentials of: 

What is High Performance Coaching?  It is inspiring and challenging an individual to outperform their typical standard norms and life experiences, in order to live into their highest potential faster.  

It is stoking the client’s ambition across all areas of their lives holistically - whether in their relationships, well-being, career, purpose, mindset, business, energy, influence, etc.

It is conditioning their approach to life at a mastery level using a proven curriculum (the world's #1) based in habits and driven by results. 

"I went from being the quiet mouse in the corner to the president of my state’s board!  Carla's coaching and mastermind have changed the way I approach everything in my life."
~JoAnne Fisher, Advanced Permanent Hair Removal

"It’s like Carla has her finger on the pulse of what’s really going on at all times. I’m grateful to be the recipient of what she shares and gives. She’s phenomenal - I’m blessed to be learning from her." 
~Liz Brown, Franchise Owner 

“Carla has such a kind, compassionate, soft energy. But don’t let that softness fool you - she asks the hard-hitting questions that get you reflecting and moving to your next level!!"
~Nathan Smith, High Performance Coach

"There is another level of joy, fulfillment, confidence, purpose, engagement, and mastery, for each and every one of us.  High Performance is the most enjoyable and effective way to achieve that level.  My clients' results are the testimony." 


Click below to apply for your High Performance Strategy Session with mastery level coach Carla Fleming   

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For You and Your Fellow Mavens 

Apply for Certified High Performance Group Coaching via my Private Mastermind!

What could you achieve if you had the SAME elite training that the world’s highest performing achievers are using RIGHT NOW to get ahead?

If you had a deeper level of support.  A deeper level of connections with fellow mastermind members who are all speaking the language of High Performance with you and cheering you on in your dreams. 

 Let's make your goals and dreams happen while getting you the world-class High Performance Coaching curriculum and Mindset Mastery techniques you'll be able to implement immediately.  

"Hey hey Maven friends! We had such a great intimate meeting yesterday and it was such a refresher and reminder that TOGETHER big things will happen. We get to watch each other accomplish goals and set bigger goals and PLAY BIGGER, and it is so inspiring, exciting, and motivating!  

I especially appreciated being able to talk in the Breakout room with Alyssa because we could totally relate to each others' dreams and goals, while devoting a lot of our energy to our family (especially the children). In moving forward, a major takeaway I had was paying attention to my energy levels throughout the day, and my three words to focus on, which are Action, Service, and Growth. Can't wait til next months get together already! Loved the Zoom style mastermind!!"
~Kimmy Casey, The Clarity Coach 

" The Maven energy was definitely there for us & I walked away with some takeaways and introspection that I didn't realize how much I needed - seemingly simple conversations among our peers reveal amazing conversations that we need to have with ourselves in order to soar our businesses & lives to that NEXT LEVEL!  How incredibly cool is it that we can have these intimate conversations with one another from the comfort of our homes?  At times I forgot I was miles away from you guys :) Seeing my clarity and energy in numbers last night really helped me to reevaluate and has empowered me to define solutions for myself.

I KNOW that everyone of us is capable of amazing things when we apply last night's lessons of personal awareness, accountability and "embracing the struggle" in our everyday lives & I look forward to meeting many more of you next month as we discuss that progress.  Until next time Mavens!" 
~Alyssa Page, Alyssa Page Creative

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For You or Your Entrepreneurial Besties:

Apply for a Business Maven Breakthrough Session with mastery level coach and award-winning entrepreneur, Carla Fleming

>>> Build Your Dream Business

I'm an award-winning entrepreneur and a graduate of the world's most prestigious online business, blogging, and email / online marketing schools. 

I'll share everything I've learned running my own profitable online business and brick and mortar business and brands over the last dozen years, and help you look at your business or mission goals through a High Performance lens.    

Go ahead and tell your biggest goals and dreams:
We're coming for them.  

“I gained new business immediately and my social media engagement went through the roof - I had over 9,000 views on one video alone!"  ~Gina Paris, Gina Paris Designs

“This girl has an AMAZING knack for putting everything else aside and focusing intently on you and how she can help you!  It is WELL WORTH the time to see how Carla can propel your social media and business strategies forward this year!" ~Samantha Lincoln, Melaleuca 
"I learned more from Carla than I can ever repay her for." ~Debbie Peterson, Getting to Clarity

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For Your Dancing Queen or King: 

Belly Dance Classes 

Weekly LIVE hourlong belly dance classes at our Erie, PA location - Spotlight Studio - or learn entirely online from anywhere in the world! 

Take your belly dance practice to the next level, receive an amazing fitness workout for both your body and mind, and experience the Art, Joy, and Empowerment of Belly Dance!

Learn belly dance professionally - even if you're just dancing for fun - with me, Carla Fleming, Certified Belly Dance Instructor, award-winning team leader, and founder of Lake Erie Belly Dance.

“While performing the ancient movements of belly dance, Carla strives to portray that we can own and enjoy our sassiness and sensual side. ” 
~Erie Jams Magazine

“The most wonderful thing about Carla’s dancing, in my opinion. . . is that she celebrates the uniquely original and beautiful essence of Carla Fleming when she dances - dance is just one of the many vehicles she uses to showcase her most beautiful self with effortless courage, joy, and celebration, and inspires us to do the same. This is why she is my mentor!”  ~Karla Hartzell, Belly Dance Student

“Carla is always in motion, and forever a teacher – and student – at heart.”  ~The Erie Reader

Click below to Purchase a 2-Week Belly Dance Maven class card for you or your Dancing Queen or King - only $1 for a limited time! 

Classes currently paused but will resume! Stay tuned!

For Your Favorite Erie-Lover: 

My Book Release:
Give the Gift of Erie Love

The Picture This Anthology featuring original songs by Carla Fleming and fellow Erie poets.

I picture this hard working, nature loving city "about to make some waves", as Carla Fleming writes in her poem, "Rising Tide."  
~Kelly DuMar, poet and author, Tree of the Apple

This song speaks to creating positive outlets for all 
cultures represented in our community.  
Carla’s music has a tendency to join us together on common ground. It’s beautiful.” 
~Tiffany L. LaVette, HER POWER, INC

"Tell me what can I learn on this day, tell me what can I give?  
Whom would you have me love today, and whom shall I forgive?  
My thoughts create my reality, so I cherish the beauty inside everything, 
For I came here to grow and to give and to love, 
And I came here to LIVE. "
 ~Carlaquarius, excerpt from "Divine Love Song", as featured in "The Picture This Anthology" and performed at TEDxErie

Click below to grab your copy on Amazon today!

***All proceeds benefit the poetry program at Erie's Inner City Neighborhood Art House.

Purchase My Book on Amazon

Meet Carla Fleming (Carlaquarius)

Founder + Facilitator + Certified High Performance Coach™

Carla is the award-winning entrepreneur and founder of The Mindful Maven Global Community, Lake Erie Belly Dance, and The Fleming School of the Arts.

She’s a 3-time world-record winning team leader, a graduate of the world's leading personal development programs and online business/marketing schools, one of only 300 elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ sprinkled around the globe, and a professionally trained mastermind facilitator.

She'll show you how to maximize your influence in relationships, work, or business, how to claim your own personal power and self-love practices, and how to become the empowering maven of your own life, becoming the leader your tribes (family, friends, co-workers, team, company, etc.) have been waiting for.

Every step of the way, you'll learn to leverage the power of a rockstar community of select movers and shakers - your co-creators - in what students, and clients have hailed as the most empowering and comprehensive personal and professional development masterminds in the world.

Like many of us, Carla has experienced a spectrum of life’s tragedies to miraculous moments, and is still here, loving, learning, teaching, and growing, right along with you.


"I achieved more goals in sessions with Carla, than I have in the last decade!" 

--Maria, High Performance Coaching client


"Carla is always in motion, and always a teacher, and student, at heart."

--The Erie Reader

"Carla has an innate ability to "see others" and honor their soul. I am GRATEFUL to have found her. She inspires me.  I want to be her with her spiritual self when I grow up"

--Heidi Parr Kerner

"TEDxErie would not have been the same without her."

--Jonathan D'Silva

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