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The Fleming School of the Arts - Serving Erie area & online students around the globe since 2007.  

A note from founder and award-winning entrepreneur, Carla Fleming (CarlaQuarius):

Welcome to the Fleming School and our digital home!

It's been an honor serving our hard working and talented students for 15  years!  

What began as a small but quality music school inside an old remodeled barn in Lake City, PA, has morphed into our beloved and global school of many arts of all kinds. 

Over the years we've offered lessons, classes, recitals, and master workshops in everything from music, composition, language arts, dance and belly dance, yoga, creative writing, drawing, painting, photography, and more!  

All the while, as my own journey in the arts has unfolded, I became aware that my passion for the art of personal development was one of the most important topics we could offer.    

In addition to teaching our regular music and arts lessons, I've since become a Certified High Performance Coach and have added many new offerings to broaden the definition of the arts at our school.  

My co-founder and guitar, bass, and ukulele instructor James (also the love of my life!) and I both became graduates of High Performance Academy.   We love helping our students use the high performance strategies we've learned to enhance their performances, practice and creative discipline, and mindfulness skills as they progress in their musical and artistic journeys.  

Sp please enjoy exploring and while you're here go ahead and schedule a complimentary 15-minute Music / Arts Connection Session directly with me to decide which of our offerings may be best for you.  I'm happy to help you find your passion or choose a great place to start!    

Nothing makes a more meaningful gift in my view, to both give or receive, than a gift revolving around personal growth, connection, education, communication, or the arts - all the things that seem to make the time we spend on our planet so very special. 

And as always, just reach out to me here via my Contact Form with any questions you may have at all. 

I'll reply personally and I look forward to helping you find that special gift for yourself or that special someone. 

Wishing you a fabulous year full of abundance and growth! 

Many blessings & much love,  


 "Give the gift of music or the arts and change a life forever."
~Carla Fleming

Private Music Lessons Available in:

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Stage Presence
Recital Preparation
High Performance Skills

Multiple Locations:  
  • The Fleming School of the Arts (Home Studio) in Downtown Erie
  • Mercyhurst University Sullivan Conservatory (38th & State Street area, Erie)
  • Virtual lessons from anywhere via Zoom or FaceTime 

"As University trained musicians and international performers my co-founder James and I have been teaching music for 25+ years. 

At our home studio, downtown Erie locations, Mercyhurst University, and virtually via FaceTime or Zoom, we offer piano lessons, ukulele lessons, voice coaching, guitar and bass lessons, theory, ear and pitch training, and performance coaching to students of all ages: babies to adult.  

There is no minimum age requirement to begin lessons as it is never too early or too late to learn music!

We feel blessed to help musicians find and develop their sound and I believe music makes the world a better place.  Our students love our state of the art studios, professional lessons and recitals, and our convenient locations.

As High Performance Academy Graduates we also instill a holistic approach to the student's practice routine, mental discipline, confidence, creative expression, and performance skills."
  ~Carla & James

Click below to message Carla via our Contact Form, or schedule your complimentary 15-minute Music / Arts Connection Session and we'll hop on the phone to see which instrument or program is the best fit for you or your child!

**Gift Certificates Available!

Send Carla a message or book my free 15 minute call!

"It’s outstanding! Like ridiculous! We’re working on scales and working on pick technique and arpeggios. He’s just really good and he’s got it all up here.I’m so happy with the hourlong lesson and there’s nothing like having your instructor right there with you. You learn faster.  This is the thing that I really enjoy in life right now. And James is always positive. He’s telling you what you’re doing well at and then he’s always coaching you to work harder where you can improve."

~Pete, Adult student in Erie, PA


"Thank you Carla, for being a part of my daughter's life and for being such a wonderful coach, mentor, and teacher to her. She has come out of her shell, she is no longer trapped inside herself by fear. She has told me how good it feels to move outside her comfort zones and to be proud of herself. I just want to thank you again."

~Sarah Gamble, Parent of student in Erie, PA


"James Fehl is a true talent and an absolute gentleman. His traits are complimented by Carla's graciousness and kindness. I look forward to a great run with him."

~Bob Mitchell, Founder, Savior From Anger (band)

"I achieved more goals in sessions with Carla, than I have in the last decade!" 

--Maria, High Performance Coaching client


"Carla is always in motion, and always a teacher, and student, at heart."

--The Erie Reader

"Carla has an innate ability to "see others" and honor their soul. I am GRATEFUL to have found her. She inspires me.  I want to be her with her spiritual self when I grow up"

--Heidi Parr Kerner

"TEDxErie would not have been the same without her."

--Jonathan D'Silva

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