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What is Certified High Performance Coaching? High Performance Coaching is challenging and inspiring an individual to...

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“I gained new business immediately and my social media engagement went through the roof - I had over 9,000 views on one video alone! My fellow Mavens told me they’ve watched as I stepped into my power during this mastermind. They can see my transformation, and I can feel it. (2016)”


“I've achieved more life and career goals working with Carla for months, than on my own in the last decade! She helped me find my confidence and eliminate chaos. Most of all, my son sees his mother love and respect herself, so he will grow up to do the same. This experience has changed the outcome of my entire life, and the outcome for generations! (2014)”

Maria S., Pennsylvania

“Carla has such a kind, compassionate, soft energy. But don’t let that softness fool you - she asks the hard-hitting questions that get you reflecting and moving to your next level!! (2015)”

Nathan Smith, New Hampshire

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