The Wonder of Mothers


The Wonder of Mothers

Mothers are the ultimate commonality

uniting all of humanity.  

Whatever the degree 

of connection or relationship, 

whether they are here with us now, 

or in our spirit,

Each and every one of us can say

that however many years ago,

one brave woman

conquered physical anguish,

weathered emotional toll,

and experienced the wonder

of delivering us into life.

So that we

could simply 


~Carla Fleming


Every day is a good day to celebrate the amazing mothers in our lives. 

From Mother Earth, to all the mothers on Earth, and in your life, and in your spirit. 

All the birth mothers, step mothers, grandmothers, God mothers, sisters, aunties, friends, and pet mothers, mothers in law, friends' mothers, mothers to be, mothers who want to be, mothers in the making, mothers who help make us who we are. . . 

And be sure to celebrate yourself today and always!  As a mother on the list above or in recognizing the divine feminine energy essence within you and each of us.  

I’d love for you to watch my tribute video for mothers and let me know how it makes you feel.

I'm blessed each May to receive such beautiful messages of feedback regarding this song that I share every year - I had written it for my own Mom years ago as a surprise to her on Mother's Day.

Some messages tell me that the music is lovely and the song warmed their hearts or that they shared it with their Moms, or sisters, or friends and it made them happy.  

And my favorite messages are from those who share that they were inspired to appreciate their Moms even more in that moment, to find forgiveness, or even to reach out to their mothers more wholeheartedly than they may otherwise have done for Mother's Day.

As a life coach, and human, I can understand that the relationship between mothers and children could be tricky at times in our modern day world.  

But part of my purpose on this planet is to help facilitate those tricky times, and as I often share with clients, this always comes down to a deeper level of acknowledgement and appreciation for what the other person has experienced, the struggles they themselves have overcome to be here, the perceptions they have of the world due to their own long held beliefs, etc. 

So my favorite feedback to this day that I received was from an acquaintance who messaged me privately to say that this song had moved him so profoundly that he made the decision that day to grab the phone and call his Mom, after years of silence and estrangement, and to make amends.  

I’m honored to this day to know that this conversation took place, wherever it led, and I'm so proud of this person, and impressed by the courage he must have generated in order to make that phone call.

Perhaps it was a part in the lyrics that inspired him to choose that level of kindness and forgiveness: 

Mother, you know there are moments I wish
I had said what I meant, what I felt at the time.  

Yes, we’ve all had regrets, but we come to a time when we finally,
put them behind.  

There are days when you just need your Mom,
and it’s days just like those, that I sense you the most.

You’re with me.  
You bring calm to my heart.  
I hear you in my head, saying,

“It’s not that bad.  
This, too, shall pass.  
Now shed your tears, and try again.”  

 Something I know about the folks who are generally drawn to my work and my world - they tend to care A LOT about making a difference out there, about being role models for others, and about helping other people.  

I assume that's you, too, and I love sharing space with you and hearing of what you're doing in the world. 

I love supporting you in any way I can, and knowing that we could never really know the true impact that just a single ripple of your positive energy could make out there.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below:

  • What is a piece of advice that a favorite mother figure imparted upon you, that you still live by today? 

 I read everything you write and I'd love to have a chat on the amazing life advice passed down from our mother figures. 

I’m wishing for you, and for all Moms everywhere, a Happy Mother’s Day!

May we all shine our stars even more brightly, in honor of the amazing mothers we cherish, and of the gift of life itself.

And may we all continue learning and growing together on this journey.

You, are limitless.  

love you dearly,


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