The week is YOURS.



What's the limit to human potential?  

Short answer:  We don’t know.  Our potential has never been capped.  

Think about it: as a species we’ve literally never reached the extent of what we’re truly capable of.

Because we’re ALWAYS able to outperform ourselves and excel to the next level - especially with the right training and mindset.   
Our capacity to achieve only continues to expand:  All the records we’ve broken. The multiverses we’ve discovered.  The strengths we’ve summoned - far beyond what anyone believed was possible.

That means YOUR potential has no limits, either, my friend.  

Pretty exciting stuff if you have BIG GOALS for 2019 - and I hope you do.  

I recently went LIVE with a training on achieving your highest potential, and because I think you’ll gain immense value from it, I’ll share it with you now:

If this is going to be the year that you live into your highest potential to date, I think this curriculum will mean a lot to you.  

Click the gear icon at the bottom right of the video to watch it at double-speed.   

I LOVE this new feature on my site = maximum productivity for my clients and students!

But make sure you take notes and do some journaling on where you’re at with the concepts I share.  

High Performers are always assessing where they’re at now in order to take aligned action toward where they want to be.  

A great strategy would be to rate yourself in each area I mention, on a scale of 1-10.  Then journal for a few minutes: What is your next right move to take that score up one level?  And you'll love the distinction I share in the video about your intuition.  Enjoy!

If more of this type of high-level training in psychologyphysiologyproductivitypersuasionpresence, and purpose would help you reach what you’re after this year - in your wealth, influence, goals, relationships, or overall happiness and enjoyment of life - check out the rest of the page and see if what I do every week might be your next move toward your own High Performance.  You won't believe the special I'm running right now!   

The High Performance movement is upon us.  I’m happy to help get you there.

And comment below to let me know your biggest takeaway from the training - I’m curious to hear what you in particular will draw from it.  

This video is sort of what it’s like to coach with me, and I think you’ll really dig it.

If you will master the proven habits I mention about halfway through - you can OWN the week.  

And the world needs you now more than ever, Maven.  

Sending you so much love + Energy!  


P.S.  Want to know how I run my entire dream-business empire right from home?  I’m not so special and I think anyone can do it with the right training!  

Soon I’ll be sending you a completely FREE business and mindset training series featuring my personal and legendary mentor - the one and only Marie Forleo of MarieTV!   

Hop into my "Mavens Exploring Marie Forleo's B-School" private Facebook Group to join the upcoming discussions - and enter your name and email on this page to be notified via email the moment the training goes live!   


Carla Fleming (Carlaquarius)
Certified High Performance Coach
Maven Lifestyle Mastery Community Founder
Lake Erie Belly Dance + The Fleming School of the Arts Founder
TEDx Performer + World Record Holding Shimmy Mob Team Leader
Erie Reader's 40 Under 40 Award Recipient

"Carla is always in motion, and forever a teacher - and student - at heart." 
- The Erie Reader 
"TEDxErie would not have been the same without her." 
- Jonathan D'Silva, TEDxErie Curator
"I achieved more goals in sessions with Carla, than I have in the last decade." 
- Maria, Coaching Client

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