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"I help people understand why they're thinking what they're thinking, and actually change what they don't want to be thinking, so they can finally create what they really want in their life, career or business, relationships, health, finances, and ultimately their purpose."  - Carla Fleming

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"I learned more from Carla than I can ever repay her for!"

Deb Peterson

"You can bear your soul to Carla. You will feel honored, appreciated, and in a safe place. She has a precious gift and she takes the responsibility of what she does very seriously. She is a phenom for sure! "

Paul Christoffersen

"I gained new business immediately and my social media engagement went through the roof - I had over 9,000 views on one video alone!"

Gina Paris

"Follow people who have what you want and are willing to teach you how they got it. Thanks, Carla Fleming!"

Roy Williams

"Thank you Carla, for being a part of my daughter's life and for being such a wonderful coach, mentor, and teacher to her. She has come out of her shell, she is no longer trapped inside herself by fear. She has told me how good it feels to move outside her comfort zones and to be proud of herself. I just want to thank you again."

Sarah Gamble

"Mindset work is simply the foundation for all other breakthroughs to occur in our lives.  The human operating system revolves entirely around mindset, which means that our successes in life revolve around our ability to master it - and thereby master our own personal operating system.  Another level of intention, joy, success, fulfillment, purpose, strategy, peace, excitement, connection - all the good things of life - await, as well as your most extraordinary life, career, business, or mission.”  ~Carla Fleming

- Carla Fleming, Transformational Mindset Certified Facilitator, Certified High Performance Coach, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, TEDx Performer, Recording Artist, and Founder of The Fleming School of the Arts, Lake Erie Belly Dance, and Carlaquarius


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