So it’s tonight, my friend!

My TV debut on Armstrong Television!

Right now I’m a mix of (healthy, happy) jitters to perform for you, and (TOTAL) excitement to GIVE AWAY my free gifts to EVERYONE in the live TV studio audience!

Will you be there? I hope we can chat tonight, or catch up very soon.

(Pssst. . . you can have Lisa Bower ask me anything you’d like during the interview portion, by submitting a question right here!)

Flyer for Dirty Dog Live


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Sharing my music and message on TV is one of my dreams come true. . .

I can’t say I understand exactly how things work out there in the Universe, but I CAN say,

that no sooner did I put that dream in writing, and focus my attention on it habitually,

and here we are!

So I ask, what’s a dream of YOURS that you want so much, that you’re ready to put it down in black and white?

I’d lo...

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Epic News!

So, angel,

I’ve missed you while finding myself (again).

Does this happen to you, too?

As each new project manifests into our lives and passions, we gain more and more clarity and excitement about the world and our purpose in it.

As a multi-passionate, (and a human in general) I guess I “find myself” anew pretty often, and very soon I’m finding myself on TV!  :)

But before I dive into the news. . . ever been to a luau?

 Carla and Ashley Hula Dancers2

Since our recent hula dancing gig at the Presque Isle Yacht Club, Ashley and I have become a little obsessed with all things luau.

The music, the food, and definitely the “lei’d” back vibe! ;) Somebody take me to Hawaii!

Here’s a peak at what else I’ve been scrambling to accomplish so far this summer, (in a healthy, mostly balanced sort of way) while my blog dashboard waited patiently for me to click the “publish” button:

(And right now, I sort of feel like I’m writing a letter home from summer camp! :) Thanks for making me feel that way!) 

*Graduated from Public ...

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WORLD record holder – CONGRATS, Shimmy Mob Team Erie PA!

Got some BIG news for you!

We’re 2 days away from CLOSING registration on the world’s largest flash mob event, and I wouldn’t DREAM of having all this fun without including YOU!

We shimmy for a cause very close to my heart: Erie’s shelter from domestic abuse, SafeNet Inc.

It’s my last chance to fill you in and to ask you personally – could you take a quick 2 minutes to register as a “Donation Only” participant?  (It’s the big orange button on the right - just register for Pennsylvania – Erie, PA!

As a donor, you’ll be acknowledged for your generosity on my website, and in the program at our BIG live event.  No dancing required!

And if you DO want to shimmy, register as a “Dancer” (you can learn the dance online for fun) and/or join us Saturdays from now until the event (Sat, May 10th) for FREE belly dance classes with the professional instructors of Lake Erie Belly Dance:

Lake Erie Belly Dance 20143

LAST CALL to become a “donation only” registrant!!  …

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It’s tough, my friend.

Choosing a winner when all the entries are so deserving!

As you know, I believe blogging can change the world!

Stories motivate and influence people, and I personally enjoy blogs that spread the love and inspire me every day.

And I would LOVE to read YOUR story.  Your thoughts and tips, or advice or _____.

(Fill in the blank – your heart is the limit!)

Well, we knew when we began that we could only have 3 scholarship winners. . .

I think you can expect great things from these future bloggers and I’m ECSTATIC to welcome them into my upcoming class:

Blogging Bash Online Course with Carlaquarius!  (Click to tweet!)


(Registration is LIVE!)

And it’s not too late for you to jump in.

But online registration CLOSES at midnight on Fri, March 21st.

*Not in Erie?  No problem!

Register online and I’ll send you the entire course via email to complete at your leisure. . .

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I have to spill it!

I’ve gone and done something and I can’t wait to tell you what!

If you have a story to tell (and don’t we all have a story?) but you’re not reaching those who want to hear it, you might as well be talking to your cat, right?

But your cat’s already heard your stories, and cats aren’t known for spreading the word,  even when they’ve heard about something good.  So I guess you’d need to get a parrot. . .

Or a blog.

I'm a cat.jpg

My cat, “Monkey.”  She’s not the best listener.

Cats are brats! ;) (Click to tweet!)

Your blog works for you 24/7, sharing your message anytime, day or night, with those who are interested in what you’re saying.

Your readers can comment and share their insights with you.  They know they can communicate with you, which means your interaction and even your sales, increase organically as a result.

And if you believe in what you do, and especially if you want to help make the world a better place, this all becomes a very magical proce...

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Hi, friends,

Yes we did.

We tied one on.  And you can see the whole thing!

**Warning:  you cannot laugh quietly when hanging out with “The Scarf Lady”, so if you’re in a place where you have to stifle, you may want to save this video for later!

MINDFUL MAVEN FEB thumbnail Scarf Lady play

As you’ll see, Janet Kassir is a glowing source of positive energy and scarf-tying expertise, using her talents to empower all around her.  For these reasons and more, she is my choice for February 2014’s “Mindful Maven” here at Carlaquarius.com

And because she ALWAYS over delivers, you’ll have access below to her free PDF.

Now my favorite parts of this interview involve the spilling of some “wine” and some overall shenanigans.  But. . . it’s not what you think!  . . .

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Angels!  My BIGGEST GIVEAWAY YET is found in this post.

But first, I must tell you. . .

  (Click to tweet!) 

Yes, that would be REALLY fun, but. . .

Basically, it would be a short-lived little party for one.  And I’d have to come back down to Earth at some point, right?  :)

Plus, it wouldn’t give me skills for my blog & biz that could last a lifetime.

And that’s what makes me happier than flying unicorns right now!

I’m throwing a real party – with like minded and INCREDIBLE blog rockstars in the making – who WILL learn blog & biz skills that last!

Most importantly. . . I’m GIVING AWAY  3  SCHOLARSHIPS!

See the GIVEAWAY details below, my stellar friend. 

But hurry, to WIN a free ride, you must act quickly.

BLOGGING BASH with Carlaquarius

The course to transform your blog into the online party of the week – every week.

Here’s how to WIN . . . (read more)

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To Love Oneself is the Beginning..      Click to tweet!) 

As Valentine’s Day approaches, remember:  true love begins with loving yourself.

Take time to do something wonderful for YOU, 

on or around this Valentine’s Day.  

Start a gratitude journal, read the book that’s been calling your name,  take the class,

wear the heels. . . your heart is the limit, and you deserve to be romanced by YOU.

And I’ve got something for you, too.

If you’ve been wanting to give yourself the gift of belly dance, this will help!

Share this blog post using the share buttons below,

on or before 2-14-14, and receive $10 in BELLY BUCKS!

Use your bucks toward any of our upcoming classes/workshops through NEXT year!

Spring / Summer belly dance class schedule coming soon.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear how you’d answer this question:

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Progress = Happiness

Little Punxsutawney Phil was pretty adorable this weekend, but he’s a bit of a trickster, don’t you think?  

I had definitely wanted Spring!

I know, you can’t always get what you want.  

And speaking of wants, I have a question for YOU:

When you were little, did you ever fall prey to this dirty little trick?

. . .Contentedly walking along, you happen upon a friend, or maybe a sibling, munching away on some candy, or other yummy treat.

They notice you eyeing up their little snack and offer, “You want some?”

“Sure, thanks!”  you sigh eagerly.

And then, they deliver the punchline: “Well, how does it feel to want?”


Well. . . it’s a bummer at first, and hopefully your friend is just kidding and proceeds to share a little bite. 

But you know, wanting isn’t so bad, is it?  We get a lot accomplished when we’re working toward something we want. . . 

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I’m often blown away by your sincerity.

Yesterday, I turned another year older.  And certainly another year bolder.

And YOU gave me all I could have wanted!   From your facebook messages, to special deliveries, to home-made meals and chats and treats. . . You are AMAZING friends and I love you!

And here all I did was turn 37 with no effort on my part.  It just kind of happened.  ;)

Because of you and for many reasons, I pretty much LOVE my special day.   And I’m sending you all those beautiful wishes right back!  <3

Photo by Orlando Perez

So I happen to share my bday with one of my FaVoRiTe CoMpOsErS. . .  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  (Or “Voolfie”, if you’ve seen the movie Amadeus.  And you must!)

Mozart just turned 258, so I’m feeling pretty young!

And I am young.  Really, I’m just a baby.

So are you.

Yep, I just called you a baby.


Why am I calling you names when you’ve been so sweet to me all month!? . . .

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