Hundreds in Bonuses for YOU, Team Erie!

I made you a vid to pull up on your lunch break, or any time you have a few minutes to give yourself today.

I promise it’s a feel-gooder, and if you stick around for the bloopers you get to see how I handled (or failed to handle) a big spit-ball flying out of my mouth.  :)

Don’t let the title scare you off. . .

When I say hundreds, I REALLY mean hundreds!

You’ll see.

(And you don’t have to be from Erie, either.)

SM youtube thumbnail with button

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You can ONLY share it until THIS Friday at midnight.

Can I threaten that you’ll turn into a pumpkin (pie) (with whipped cream) if you don’t??

Um, no.  I wouldn’t do that. ;)

But I do hope you share it, and you’ll see why. . .

So I’d love to hear what you think of this video in the comments below.

Thanks for all the gifts that YOU bring into ou...

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$23,000. My biggest blogging news (to date)!

My friend, you’ve been there from the very beginning.

I started writing to you here on the Carlaquarius blog just 9 months ago.

(I guess you could call it “my baby” now. ;))

In that short time, you’ve inspired me to share more of my musical whims. . .

And to stay strong when the technical stuff (I’m more the creative type) needs attention.

You’ve been there for me, and I wanted YOU to be the first to know. . .  

I’ve just been awarded a scholarship in the amount of $23,000!

(I’ve stopped jumping up and down by now, but my fingers still shake as I write this.)

Effective immediately, I’m one of a select group of bloggers worldwide, now being mentored in a year-long program, by the blogging superhero of our time:

Jon Morrow.

Founder of some of the web’s most popular blogs and an all-around endearing, inspirational genius, Jon is someone I’ve wanted to meet (let alone work with!) since before I began.

And because I SO want to use my blog to uplift lives and spread the good in the world, s...

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What I learned from this broken heart. . .

Ever been stood up, my friend?

It happens.

In my case, I guess the poor guy probably didn’t expect me to write a song about him, and travel the world sharing his story. ;)

Anonymously, of course! (I’ve got nothing but appreciation for the lessons he inadvertently taught me, about what I wanted in a man.)

You always learn something from these things, right?  

Well most recently, I performed “Cool or Something” in Brooklyn, NY, at Pete’s Candy Store. . .

I just have to tell you: looking out at the crowd, nodding their heads, (“like Yeah”) and sharing that vibe together in the room ~ just us, just that moment. . .

(And realizing I was jamming in one of “the” legendary live music venues of NYC.) (!!!)

. . . it was one of those nights of musical and human connection that you just don’t want to end.


Now, in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on “Cool or Something.”  Can you relate?  Read more. . .

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REMAS & Brooklyn & music FOR YOU!

Hello from NYC, my friend!!

I’m on the road this week, but I’ve gotta ask something of you. . .

(And I’ve got a little something at the bottom of this message FOR you, too!)

Carlaquarius at Pete's Candy Store1

I cut my New York City musical teeth at the legendary Pete’s Candy Store last night. . .

Had a GREAT time, and I’m making wonderful new musical connections here in this Big Apple!

I have even BIGGER Big Apple news to share, but, I’ve gotta keep you hanging ~ not for long, though, promise. ;)

Because TODAY I need to ask for your help, my friend.  

And we only have a little time. . .

I’m nominated in 4 categories for the Rock Erie Music Awards!

I need YOUR vote to make winning a “REMA”, my vision board dream, a reality.

Why take the time to vote for me?

Well, first, it just takes a minute and it’s easy-peasy.

Second, because you love me!  (Or my music.)  ;)

P.S. I love you, too. . . (Keep reading. . .)

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Song of the Year Award

Hey there, rock star,

Ever felt like the “grass was greener” on the other side?  

(Heads up: this post gets PERSONAL.  Read on ONLY if you want to get to know each other a little better.)


You may already know how much I LOVE making music, reflecting, and sharing a message through melody, even when that message is about something as simple as (or as complicated as) romance.

Which is why I’m THRILLED TO SHARE my news with you! 

I was recently awarded the RUNNER UP PLACEMENT in the international Song of the Year competition.  

As one of their “top writers,” with “competitive music that received extremely high scores,” they’ve honored me with a personalized placement page to remain on their site.  

Well that makes this (former, yet always) small town girl from Friendship, NY, excited to continue down the road I’m traveling, and I’m both grateful and honored. 

So, I’d like to give you my placing song.  You can listen and download it right here:

Whether we’re l...

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It might only be your un-birthday  today, my friend, but the gift below is still meant for you.  

You may know it’s a very special birthday in my home city of Erie, PA.

In fact, Congress made today official in the state of Pennsylvania:

It’s #AJO Day, the birthday of Alyssa J. O’neill, and when I first heard her touching story, this song came tumbling out of my heart:  

Click to listen

For #AJO graphic 5

To pay it forward and share Alyssa’s ongoing mission to help those who suffer with epilepsy, I’m giving this song away, to download and use or share however you like.

(To download: right-click the screen (on a PC) and “save as”.   More detailed instructions found here in step 3.)

If my song moves you to act, as I hope it does, please pay that feeling forward in any way that inspires you.   

Perhaps you’d like to donate to the AJO Forever Fund, or find inspiration for paying it forward on her facebook page.

Whatever you do today, enjoy it to the fullest...

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So it’s tonight, my friend!

My TV debut on Armstrong Television!

Right now I’m a mix of (healthy, happy) jitters to perform for you, and (TOTAL) excitement to GIVE AWAY my free gifts to EVERYONE in the live TV studio audience!

Will you be there? I hope we can chat tonight, or catch up very soon.

(Pssst. . . you can have Lisa Bower ask me anything you’d like during the interview portion, by submitting a question right here!)

Flyer for Dirty Dog Live


  Meanwhile, could you help me spread the news?

  Click to tweet! 

  Share the love 

  (and FREEBIES!) 

  with your friends.

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Sharing my music and message on TV is one of my dreams come true. . .

I can’t say I understand exactly how things work out there in the Universe, but I CAN say,

that no sooner did I put that dream in writing, and focus my attention on it habitually,

and here we are!

So I ask, what’s a dream of YOURS that you want so much, that you’re ready to put it down in black and white?

I’d lo...

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Epic News!

So, angel,

I’ve missed you while finding myself (again).

Does this happen to you, too?

As each new project manifests into our lives and passions, we gain more and more clarity and excitement about the world and our purpose in it.

As a multi-passionate, (and a human in general) I guess I “find myself” anew pretty often, and very soon I’m finding myself on TV!  :)

But before I dive into the news. . . ever been to a luau?

 Carla and Ashley Hula Dancers2

Since our recent hula dancing gig at the Presque Isle Yacht Club, Ashley and I have become a little obsessed with all things luau.

The music, the food, and definitely the “lei’d” back vibe! ;) Somebody take me to Hawaii!

Here’s a peak at what else I’ve been scrambling to accomplish so far this summer, (in a healthy, mostly balanced sort of way) while my blog dashboard waited patiently for me to click the “publish” button:

(And right now, I sort of feel like I’m writing a letter home from summer camp! :) Thanks for making me feel that way!) 

*Graduated from Public ...

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WORLD record holder – CONGRATS, Shimmy Mob Team Erie PA!

Got some BIG news for you!

We’re 2 days away from CLOSING registration on the world’s largest flash mob event, and I wouldn’t DREAM of having all this fun without including YOU!

We shimmy for a cause very close to my heart: Erie’s shelter from domestic abuse, SafeNet Inc.

It’s my last chance to fill you in and to ask you personally – could you take a quick 2 minutes to register as a “Donation Only” participant?  (It’s the big orange button on the right - just register for Pennsylvania – Erie, PA!

As a donor, you’ll be acknowledged for your generosity on my website, and in the program at our BIG live event.  No dancing required!

And if you DO want to shimmy, register as a “Dancer” (you can learn the dance online for fun) and/or join us Saturdays from now until the event (Sat, May 10th) for FREE belly dance classes with the professional instructors of Lake Erie Belly Dance:

Lake Erie Belly Dance 20143

LAST CALL to become a “donation only” registrant!!  …

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It’s tough, my friend.

Choosing a winner when all the entries are so deserving!

As you know, I believe blogging can change the world!

Stories motivate and influence people, and I personally enjoy blogs that spread the love and inspire me every day.

And I would LOVE to read YOUR story.  Your thoughts and tips, or advice or _____.

(Fill in the blank – your heart is the limit!)

Well, we knew when we began that we could only have 3 scholarship winners. . .

I think you can expect great things from these future bloggers and I’m ECSTATIC to welcome them into my upcoming class:

Blogging Bash Online Course with Carlaquarius!  (Click to tweet!)


(Registration is LIVE!)

And it’s not too late for you to jump in.

But online registration CLOSES at midnight on Fri, March 21st.

*Not in Erie?  No problem!

Register online and I’ll send you the entire course via email to complete at your leisure. . .

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