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Welcome! So glad you’ve come to visit!

I’m Carla Fleming (a.k.a. Carlaquarius).

I’m an award-winning entrepreneur, a world-record-holding team leader, Certified High Performance Coach, musician, and founder of The Mindful Maven global community.

What’s the Mindful Maven?

Well really, the question I like to pose is: Who is The Mindful Maven?

Because The Mindful Maven is YOU.

How do I know?

Because if you’re here you’re likely the kind of driven, heart-centered, make-the-world-a-better-place person I’m blessed to attract into my life, and I’m so grateful to meet you!

We’re the kind of people who want to help others.

To grow, and learn, and find our passions, and become who we’re meant to be in our time on the planet.  We want to serve the world using our gifts.

We like to read.  We love to share.  We ADORE collaboration and supporting one another.

We strive to live from our highest selves, and into our highest potential.

We’re the lighter-uppers of the world.

And when we don’t feel as bright as we’d like, we reach out to a fellow maven or two, and . . . there we are, lifting one another up to our highest heights.

I’m honored to have sparked this empowering community, but YOU are The Mindful Maven that stokes the fires of ambition and possibility.

That’s right, my friend.  You.

And I believe in you.

Please make yourself comfy as you explore the site.

Enjoy the free trainings, videos, and strategies for optimal life experiences.

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And let me know if you need anything along the way.

My team and I are here for you!

With so much love,

And knowing that you are the ONLY you in the Universe,

Shine your STAR!

Love always,


Meet Carla Fleming (Carlaquarius)

Founder + Facilitator + Certified High Performance Coachâ„¢

Carla is the award-winning entrepreneur and founder of The Mindful Maven, Lake Erie Belly Dance, and The Fleming School of the Arts. She’s a 3-time world-record winning team leader, a graduate of the world's leading personal development programs and online business/marketing schools, one of only 300 elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ sprinkled around the globe, and a professionally trained mastermind facilitator. 

She'll show you how to maximize your influence in relationships, work, or business, how to claim your own personal power and self-love practices, and how to become the empowering maven of your own life, making you the leader your tribe (family, friends, co-workers, team, company, etc.) has been waiting for. 

And every step of the way, you'll learn to leverage the power of a rockstar community of select movers and shakers, your co-creators in what followers, students, and clients hail as the most empowering and comprehensive personal and professional development masterminds available.

Like many of us, Carla has experienced a spectrum of life’s tragedies to miraculous moments, and is still here, loving, learning, teaching, and growing, right along with you.


“As a high performer, I learned that I can “restart” my day at any time. I want to be a positive force that breathes and gives life. My words and actions need to do this. Thank you, Carla Fleming for introducing me to High Performance! You ROCK!! (2015)"
“I gained new business immediately and my social media engagement went through the roof - I had over 9,000 views on one video alone! My fellow Mavens told me they’ve watched as I stepped into my power during this mastermind. They can see my transformation, and I can feel it.”

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