Limited Time: $1 Trial with Carla Fleming!

$1 Trial with Carla Fleming!

Would You Invest $1 to Get the Same Mindset Training Others Are Paying 5-Figures For?  Then Read On. . .

What could you achieve if you had the SAME elite training that the world’s highest performing achievers are using RIGHT NOW to get ahead?

A note from Carla Fleming:

Hey, my friend.  

Ever wonder why it is that YOU in particular, stumbled across the things I share?

What is it about you exactly - as opposed to your fellow peers - that has you reading my posts + messages, checking out the books I recommend, tapping into your personal / professional development along with me, and implementing the strategies you learn here?

Yes, I think you’re special.  

I think there’s something about your conditioning ~ your life experiences, your dedication to your own growth, your desire to achieve more and even help those around you raise up as well.  

Something about all of that is calling you to higher level.  

Otherwise, I don’t think we’d have crossed paths, am I right?!  

How do I know?  

Because I heard the same calling.  It led me straight to the world’s top coaching.   

I tend to want to study the very BEST work.  It’s just how I’m wired.  

I don’t watch B movies.  I only read the needle-moving books.  I don’t sit in the back of the workshops.  

I’ve sacrificed all kinds of silly comfort levels to know that I invested in myself to learn from the leaders, whatever the industry.  

I know I want to live this life to its fullest extent of purpose, excellence, and JOY.

Does any of this describe you, too?  :)

Or perhaps the you whom you’ve been striving to live into.  

It’s just that you care strongly about achieving your next level of success.  

And I honor that in you.  I think it’s why you’re here reading with me right now.

The issue?  

You don’t have a coach yet.  

Or the coach you do have is NOT delivering a promise as thrilling and fulfilling (or results-based!) as High Performance.  

Here’s why I’m sharing all this with you.

The thing is, don’t you know deep down inside that your life and purpose isn’t meant to be frustrating more than it is fortunate.  Mediocre more than abundant.  Stressful more than successful.  Or soul-sucking more than soul-satisfying.  

And you’ve already accomplished so much in your life!  

Trust me, you’re a total rockstar and you’ve got the drive.    

What if you’re just missing the cutting edge tools to AMPLIFY.  To scale.  To reach your highest potential with ease and grace and that feeling of ultimate fulfillment.  

What if we DOUBLED your motivation, productivity, joy, influence, and confidence, by getting you working with me twice a month?

You see, each month of the year, I go LIVE with the members of my premium mastermind groups and my private one-to-one clients.  

It’s their monthly dose of elite training, momentum, energy uplevel, and new strategies that keep them excelling in all areas of their lives and missions.  

Now because we’re one-to-one during these sessions, their investment is quite high, and they’re okay with that because they’re quickly getting the results they’ve always wanted in life, career, and business.  

But I want to get you the same results and the same chance to work with me, for the tiniest fraction of the cost.  Seriously, less than 1% of the investment!  

I’m inviting you to invest $1 in yourself so I can train you ~ coach you ~ on what’s working NOW for my 5-Figure clients + masterminders.  

Now, you know how much I love books, and books are great ~ but nothing is as insanely effective in results as getting yourself a live coach.  And that’s what I’ll be for you.  

Because it’s not a book’s job to see that you take action on what you’ve read, or to share with you the next-level updates and advanced strategies since it was last published.

A book can’t see when you’ve lost momentum, my friend.  A book can’t hop on a call and give you the quick tweaks to get you back on track in minutes.  

You need someone whose JOB it is, to see that you SUCCEED.  

When an athlete needs to train for the next-level event, they hire a coach who knows how to deliver.

When an executive goes for the promotion, they hire the mentor who’s done it themselves.

When you’re ready to go higher than you’ve ever gone before, whether in your health, career, relationships, as a parent, in your finances, your business, purpose, mission, etc. ~ it’s time to get the coach who knows how to get you there.  

And whose clients have already achieved the impressive results to show for it.

So I’m offering to work with you every month

Can you imagine?  Hiring an elite High Performance coach for $1?  That’s exactly what I’m offering to you ~ to try me out for the first month at absolutely no risk to you.  

(I’ll even send your $1 back if you don’t feel the month of training was the best you’ve ever received!)

This is me inviting you to try my monthly program, and here’s what it looks like:

Each month, I go LIVE and deliver a full 1-hour Certified High Performance Coaching session ~ the system with the highest satisfaction rating on the planet, and in the industry.  #RESULTS!!! 

For another ENTIRE HOUR every month, I conduct a mastermind call just for our group, where you’ll be facilitated through needle-moving activities and experience the power of a mastermind:  a community working in harmony and sharing combined wisdom, experience, network, and resources, all for the greater good of each and every member involved.  (Ever think about running your own masterminds?  This is also your chance to see how I do it, as a professionally trained facilitator using only the world-class strategies that I’ve learned from the best.)  

During both sessions, I conduct lots of Q + A and send out prizes to recognize folks who are taking their training seriously and who are asking great questions and cheering others on. 

You cannot imagine a more positive, uplifting community and I don’t take credit for that. These folks just ARE the most wonderful people in the world, my opinion.  

Why might I be a great coach for you?

Here’s what folks have shared about me. . .

“Carla is a master communicator.  She inspires me constantly.  I’m grateful to have the advantage of being in her circle.”  Mike Pettigrew, #1 Amazon best-selling author

“I gained new business immediately and my social media engagement went through the roof!   I had over 9,000 views on one video alone!”  --Gina Paris, Gina Paris Designs

“TEDxErie would not have been the same without her. --Jonathan D’silva, TEDxErie Curator

“Carla has an innate ability to “see others’ and honor their soul.  I am GRATEFUL to have found her.  She inspires me.  I want to be her, with her spiritual self, when I grow up!”  --Heidi Parr Kerner, Coffee Club Divas

“I learned more from Carla than I can ever repay her for!” --Deb Peterson, Getting to Clarity

“As usual, Carla Fleming does the best masterminds in Erie.  She’s about to BLOW UP!” --Ben Henry, Make It Great Media

“I accomplished more goals in sessions with Carla than I have in the last decade!” --Maria Stephenson, Holistic Life Coach

“This girl has an amazing knack for putting everything else aside and focusing intently on you and how she can help you!  It is well worth your time to see how Carla can propel your social media and business strategies forward!” --Samantha Lincoln, Enjoy A Better Way

“Carla is always in motion, and forever a teacher – and student – at heart.”  --The Erie Reader

“Follow people who have what you want and are willing to teach you how they got it.  Thanks, Carla Fleming!” --Roy Williams, Athlete  

I’m so humbled by these words and blessed to know the phenomenal people who shared them!  

Perhaps the testimonial that most chokes me up is from my dear mentor, Brendon, who says that I’m highly intuitive, that my heart is pure, and that I’m one of the most highly trained coaches on the planet.  

(When your mentor gushes about you, and you don’t know what to say back!)

I just feel so appreciative of all that Brendon’s taught me, and I guess at this point, after spending nearly 1000 hours live learning from him, he knows the hard work and dedication I’ve put in.  

It wasn’t a cheap date (I’ve invested over 6-Figures working with Brendon alone!) and I’d do it all the same way again, not only to streamline my own growth and quick results, but those of the clients I’ve served with all of that hard earned education!   #CherishTheChallenge

Because by now I’ve spent even countless more hours implementing High Performance Coaching with my own private one-to-one clients and mastermind members over several years, and the above are just a smattering of the results they’ve achieved.  

They’ve done all the work.  I’m just truly blessed and grateful to share the proven strategies, use my unique coaching skills to get down to what really matters, cheer them on, hold them accountable, and celebrate their MASSIVE successes!  

But you don’t need to invest the several 6-figures I’ve put into my personal and business development over the last decade, or the time it took me to do it, to get results.

And you don’t have to pay me 5-Figures like my private clients do.

You can have High Performance RIGHT NOW, THIS MONTH, for only $1.

Just you, me, and our fellow dedicated classmates, tuning in together, learning from the proven curriculum and from one another, and growing exponentially, THIS YEAR.   

The promise of High Performance training:

Heightened and sustained levels of Clarity, Energy, Productivity, Influence, and Courage.  The key word is SUSTAINED.  No peaks and valleys here.  And we don’t hang out on plateaus either.

Scientifically proven strategies to 10x each area above, no matter your background, demographic, innate strengths / weaknesses, experience, personality, or position.  Habits are habits when they work, and can be learned.  Anyone can practice the habits ‘ll teach you, in order to out-perform themselves and their peers.

Living from and into your highest self.  Consistently, and over the long term.  Think daily.  And once you master the proven strategies, you know how to apply them for life.

Excelling through life’s obstacles, miracles, and your ultimate achievements, with more JOY, ENGAGEMENT, and CONFIDENCE than ever before.  (There’s no such thing as burn out (eeeew!) in High Performance.  We know how to “strive satisfied”, and it shows.)

Here’s why I’m offering this to you:

I’m aware that I’ve been given a great blessing.  

The kind of benefits listed above literally help people achieve more, earn more, love more, contribute more, and most of all, ENJOY more.  

They help you BE more YOU.  THE BEST you.  

I’ve tried to describe what it’s like to watch transformation happen before my very eyes ~ I can sum it up by simply sharing that I LOVE my job!!  

It gives me goosebumps to see folks learn and apply the nuances to life that make them instantly happier, feel more fulfilled, heal their most wounded relationships, live their passion and purpose. . .  

All things which will affect not only their lives, but the lives of those they love through a beautiful, palpable, ripple effect.

Things which will literally extend their lives because we know now that happy people live longer.

So as you can imagine I feel I have a great responsibility to share this coaching.  Not just any coaching.  The coaching that works.   

When I first began in the personal development world, I remember feeling painfully aware that I was not being taught what I really needed to know.  

I share this with reverance for my first mentors because I love them dearly and they are amazing thought leaders, but they just didn’t know what they didn’t know.  

I could feel that I was on a train headed for “slow growth” when I got started, but I didn’t know how to get off.   Just kept following the best leaders I could find.

I would never want anyone else to feel that frustration.  It’s hard to say, but isn’t it true: that sometimes we have to step up as the leader when our own leaders have hit a plateau.  We may not always feel ready, but intuition keeps sending us a bigger vision and a wider picture, for a reason.  

Jumping on that the fast track can be as simple as putting it out there.  Asking the powers that be for help and guidance.

For me, no sooner did I put that out there, and I was suddenly sent a multitude of the most elite mentors across every space I was interested in:  blogging, speaking, coaching, online business, and all things personal and professional development.  And I was blessed with the scholarships and the unexpected blessings along the way to make the investments I chose.

So I literally jumped in full speed ahead and drank from the fire hose!

I’ve been studying and implementing non-stop for almost a decade and I write to you now from my profitable lifestyle / coaching practice in my dream office, in my dream home, by the lake.

I’m very grateful for the many blessings (and struggles that made me stronger!) along the way, and to have realized so many of my dreams in such a short time.  

It just fuels my desire to share everything I’ve learned with others, and to coach them on the fast-track, too - whatever that may look like to them personally.  

And I know it wasn’t until I had invested that first $1 into my growth and personal development that the doors of momentum and opportunity opened for me, and I was off to the races.

It’s like this signal, or leap of faith, that you send out into the cosmos when you hire your first coach.  

I don’t attempt to explain how it works, but you know what they say ~ when you take the action, the whole Universe conspires to make it happen.

I’d love to co-conspire on your behalf.  But I want to save you the time and resources and get you right on the fast-track every month, with the world’s most powerful coaching process and the opportunity to ask me questions and get the edge for your success.  

Every month, I will show you:

How to seek Clarity in all you do.  To get to know yourself better quickly, to laser in on exactly what you want from all areas of your life, and what brings you the greatest joy, meaning, and fulfillment.  

I will show you how to generate and maintain your Energy (think physical, emotional, AND mental energy).  You need to learn the key strategies to maintain your focus, your effort, your positive emotions, and your stamina, to excel over the long-term.  

You will understand the importance of raising your Necessity for excellence in what you do, and of stoking that fire of your greatest ambitions.  As humans we’re moved by both internal and external drivers and unless you master these forces, like it or not, these forces are mastering you.

How to massively increase your Productivity - not so you can do more “busy work” or feel a false sense of accomplishment when you get some small things done.  We need to get you focused on your prolific quality output ~ the most impactful areas of your life which yield the greatest results.  

We’ll talk systems and minimizing distractions of course, but first you’ll understand the High Performance foundation that keeps you producing at the highest, most sustained, and most balanced levels.  Your goals and dreams deserve nothing less.

Developing Influence consciously and consistently is what helps you gain the support and belief of those around you.  Influence as a skill ensures that your endeavors and ambitions are celebrated, supported, and spread.

High Performers take more bold action, express themselves and their ideas at another level completely, and stand up for themselves and others even when fear arises.  You will learn to demonstrate Courage as a trait that is chosen, generated, and cultivated at will.  

We’ll layer these concepts, apply them to your goals, accelerate your progress, and you know what?  

You’re already amazing, just as you are.

But after this level of monthly training ~ you won’t even recognize yourself from the month before.  

It’s a bold statement and I invite you to test it.  I can say it, because I’ve lived it.  And every month that passes, I look back with immense gratitude for the next level of progress I’ve made in my own life.  That’s the journey of mastery.

Gone are the days where I found myself re-living the same year that I had before.

This process is the antidote for that.  It’s the world’s most highly-rated coaching system and my community is crushing their goals with it.  

And you can have all of this for only $1 trial this month.

AND I haven’t even told you about all the BONUSES yet!  

That’s why I want you to join High Performing Mavens Monthly.  

And yes, you do have to be serious about your own personal development here.  

High Performing Mavens Monthly is usually $97 per month.  So I realize that giving it you for $1 may be a little crazy.  

But remember what I said earlier?  I know you’re special.  And I want to do something special for you.  

So for $1 you can try it out.  

  • Yes!  For $1 you can get into the program for an entire month!
  • AND you receive immediate access to the 3 BONUS trainings I’ve prepared for you - all 3 trainings (about an hour each) are waiting for you inside you private members area - right now!  
  • If you don’t love it, just ask for your $1 back.  You can cancel anytime and you won’t be billed any further.  
  • Or, you can stay for our next LIVE training, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own device, asking me Q’s as we go or just learning and implementing the cutting edge material each month.

You can cancel anytime, no problem.  At least you tried it, otherwise, you’d never know!

If you don’t cancel then we know you’re loving it and want to stay, so you’ll be auto-billed $97 per month just like all of your fellow committed High Performing Mavens Monthly comrades.  

So, just to recap, it’s $1 trial for 30 full days of training, and then if you stay it just goes to $97 a month, and I continue training you LIVE each month for 2 HOURS of the world’s best coaching and masterminding - plus you’ll have all the replays of our trainings to watch and re-watch at your convenience inside your private members area.  

You’ll know if it’s right for you once you’ve tried it out.   

Of course it’s a huge deal.  

And who else is going to train and coach you LIVE every single month at a high performance level?  

Who else is going to give you what WORKS to get ahead, 10x your productivity, minimize your distraction, MAXIMIZE your influence, and help you reach your highest levels of JOY, confidence, and fulfillment in your life, career, business, or mission. . . for $1 this month?

I know you’ll love it.

But I want you to see for yourself.


Join High Performing Mavens Monthly for $1 now and you get:

$1 Trial with Carla Fleming!  

LIVE Monthly Training with Carla!

Each month, I go LIVE with you, and teach you what the world’s highest performing achievers - from CEOS and executives, to creatives, to top athletes, to busy Moms and Dads, to self-starting and scaling entrepreneurs, to everyday people who know there’s something MORE to their life, career, business, mission, and purpose - are using RIGHT NOW to get ahead.  
We always focus on helping you live into your highest potential.  I train, I coach, I answer your questions, we mastermind, and I give away lots of prizes and surprises!

$1 Trial with Carla Fleming!  

2 Tuition Waivers to Maven Mastery LIVE Seminar!

You get 2 tuition waivers to the High Performing Mavens LIVE Seminar.  This full-day live experience brings everything you’ll learn in the program full-circle, plus you’ll get the chance to connect with your fellow classmates live and in person.  Because did I mention the networking?  My most successful clients and mastermind members are already inside the program and will attend the live events with you.  You know how they say you’re the “average” of the 5 people you spend the most time with?  I highly recommend spending your time with these rockstars, some of whom you’ll also be seeing on stage.  Event dates and locations are announced 3-4 months in advance and there are 2 events per year to choose from!  Know someone who could use a dose of fresh inspiration and world-class strategy?  You can bring anyone you like as your guest.  Keep in mind that children must be 15 years old to attend and accompanied by an adult.  Tickets are $497 and up, but you receive them comped as part of the program!

I've found that the people I’m attracted to work with are of High Performance potential.   

Achievers who want to live from and into the highest version of themselves, who have already achieved a level of success, but who know they need better and proven strategies to take those successes higher.  

People who know they want to strive satisfied, end the burn out, and DO what they would find truly meaningful.  

And because of our time together so far, I believe that’s you.

Join me this month right here.  

There’s no limit to what we can do, together.  

$1 Trial with Carla Fleming!














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