Mother's Advice: How Creative Expression Makes You Even More High Performing


Mom always said this to me.

And she was right of course.  

Little did I know back then, that I’d be sharing similar advice with my clients many years later as a Certified High Performance Coach.

"Carla, it’s no fair keeping your talents to yourself.  You’ve got to share your gifts."  

For much of my life I was fearful and anxious to perform my musical compositions live. 

Thanks to High Performance work, and specifically the proven curriculum for developing the human habits of Courage and Influence, I’ve been able to dance with the fear of expressing myself creatively.  

I can put Mom’s intentions into practice, I can honor the nerves - and in fact, welcome them - even when they feel uncomfortable.  

And now I have the blessing of helping others do the same.

I’m even filming a new course to help more people achieve that sense of confident command in their performances, their speeches - or even those dreaded or difficult discussions and debates of everyday life.

(Join the waitlist for Stagefright To Spotlight and then stay tuned - I’ll message you when it’s ready!)

As it turns out, Mom’s coaching was ahead of its time - as in decades before High Performance research would prove in 2017, what Mom had known intuitively.   

Because this advice doesn’t just apply to her daughter, or to those we tend to think of as “creatives.”  

The truth is, each and every one of us is highly creative.  
Even those who believe they don’t “have” a creative bone in their body.  

Think about it: there is a creative approach to everything we do - from parenting, to accounting, to painting a canvas.  

And High Performers (the top 15% of their field or role) know how to express themselves more creatively than others, as the research shows.  

Now remember, creativity is learned.   Anyone can train for it and develop it with the right resources and approach.   Creativity is not simply possessed by a select few, as many of us used to believe.  

New world science shows very clearly:  We are all born with the ability to learn to be creative, to learn to express it, and to use that creativity in our own special ways.

Sharing your talents and expressing yourself more fully, literally helps you become more high performing.

And studies show that High Performers report feeling more fulfillment and meaning in life - more sense of purpose overall, and even more happiness and positivity than their peers.

So as is usually the case, Mother knows best.  :)

And one more thing.  

It’s not simply for ourselves that we can choose to focus on developing our unique creative expressions.  

We just never know the impact that sharing our gifts may have on the outside world.  

This really hit me when I posted a song I wrote for my mother on Facebook, years ago.

I’d love for you to watch the video and let me know how it makes you feel.

My video was immediately flooded with comments from the most amazing souls - they were so inspired that they shared it all over social media.  

They shared it with their Mom, to thank her for being wonderful, and to tell her that they love her.  

But one particular reaction still stands out to me after all this time -

It was from a man who messaged me to say that this song had moved him profoundly.  

So much so, that he made the decision to call his Mom, after years of silence and estrangement, to make amends.  

I can’t describe the deep effect which hearing this had upon me.  

I’m honored to this day and I'm so proud of him, and the courage he must have generated in order to make that call.

I wonder if it was this part of the lyrics that may have inspired him to choose that level of kindness and forgiveness: 

Mother, there are moments I wish I had said what I meant, what I felt at the time.  
Yes, we’ve all had regrets, but we come to a place where we finally, put them behind.  

There are days when you just need your Mom,
and it’s days just like those, that I sense you the most.

You’re with me.  
You bring calm to my heart.  
I hear you in my head, saying,

“It’s not that bad.  
This, too, shall pass.  
Now shed your tears, and try again.”  

My Mom has been there for me countless times to lift me up when I needed her.  

I bet yours has, too.  

Perhaps your Mom, or a great mentor or teacher encouraged you to share your gifts and talents and blessings as well.  

I believe that what is sparked from within these creative minds and hearts and bodies we inhabit - when we share that pure, inspired part of ourselves, it has the potential to soften or even uplift the energy of the world around us.    

Whatever it is that you enjoy, and however it is that you uniquely do it - not only may it uplevel you as a High Performer, but it may also change the world - even by changing your part of it in any way, seemingly small or large.  

Something else we know of High Performers - they tend to care A LOT about making a difference out there, about being a role model for others.

You really may never know the true impact a single ripple of your positive energy could make.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments, or subscribe to my VIP email insiders group to simply hit reply: 

  • What is something you’ve shared out into the world that has had a positive effect?  

  • Or what is a piece of advice your Mom gave, that you still live by today? 

Moms are awesome.

Humans are awesome.  

You are probably either human or a Mom.  (Maybe even both!)

So I think you’re TRULY AWESOME, my friend.   

I’m wishing for you, and for all Moms everywhere, a Happy Mother’s Day!

May we all shine our stars even more brightly, in honor of the amazing mothers we cherish.

And may we all continue growing together in the high performance and human potential movement that is open to each one of us, right now.  

You, are limitless.  

love you dearly,


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