What I learned from this broken heart. . .

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Ever been stood up, my friend?

It happens.

In my case, I guess the poor guy probably didn’t expect me to write a song about him, and travel the world sharing his story. 😉


Anonymously, of course! (I’ve got nothing but appreciation for the lessons he inadvertently taught me, about what I wanted in a man.)


You always learn something from these things, right?  

Well most recently, I performed “Cool or Something” in Brooklyn, NY, at Pete’s Candy Store. . .


I just have to tell you: looking out at the crowd, nodding their heads, (“like Yeah”) and sharing that vibe together in the room ~ just us, just that moment. . .

(And realizing I was jamming in one of “the” legendary live music venues of NYC.) (!!!)


. . . it was one of those nights of musical and human connection that you just don’t want to end.


Now, in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on “Cool or Something.”  Can you relate?  Read more. . .

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Care to share?  Don’t be shy!  (Do be anonymous.)



Enjoy this brokenhearted love song from my high school days.  I think you’ll find it short & sweet.  (My “it’s complicated” songs came a little later.)  😉


 I miss you!

love, till next time,


Pssst. . . before you go have a listen, here’s 2 BIG bulletins for ya!


My belly dance company donates 10% of our profits to Erie charities, while sharing this ancient art form with THE MOST amazing women. . .


Class starts in 2 weeks!  Morning, evening, & weekends available!



In just 2 DAYS, you won’t be able to vote for me anymore.  :(    

. . . Hey, by the way, do you sing?  Or play something?

Thought I’d share the chords & lyrics here, in case you want to jam along, or sing this song with me some time.

Help yourself!

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4 comments to What I learned from this broken heart. . .

  • wilma  says:

    I LOVE that song because it takes a female’s disappointment in a male’s behavior right to the front…and then they have to deal with themselves:)
    Thanks for the download with the chord progressions-how generous you are!

    • Carlaquarius  says:

      :) Glad you liked it, Mom! I’m reminded right now of all the songs we’ve sung together over the years. Makes me smile. love you!

  • Llyane @FrenchOnSkype  says:

    Awesome song, soothing and lovely!
    Thank you – worked well for me this Saturday night :)
    ~ Llyane

    • Carlaquarius  says:

      Thanks, Llyane! So happy you liked the music and your Saturday, a Paris! 😉

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