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If you’ve made your way here, it’s because myself or one of our trusted Maven Mastery Community members, have determined that you may be a great fit to receive the highest level High Performance Coaching strategies in the world.  

The ones that are PROVEN to enhance and skyrocket your life, career, mission, and / or business successes this year.


You've made an epic decision to click here and learn about a “tribe” of fellow high-achievers who can support you in realizing your wildest dreams this year.

So let me ask you:

  • Do you feel you currently have all the confidence you need to take the successes of your biz or life to the next level?
  • Are you executing consistently, always knowing exactly which projects will propel your goals, and pursuing them with FULL productivity, clarity, and mastery of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule?
  • Have you ever struggled to fulfill your ultimate goals due to a lack of overall ENERGY, or perhaps a lack of support in your life, in your environment, or perhaps even within your own mindset?

And trust me:

I know firsthand what it’s like to have high-achieving dreams, with the potential to change your part of the world and beyond, but without the habits, the bold courage, or perhaps the growth mindset to make them happen.

There is real pain in knowing you have a GREATER PURPOSE, when you don't have all the tools needed to execute it.  

Having suffered that pain, and now living my purpose consistently, my grand joy is helping others do the same. 

Perhaps for you that mission is becoming the most successful entrepreneur you can be, or the best Mom or Dad for your kids and their future.

Or perhaps it's living out a calling, like TRULY BEING the most inspiring (and inspired!) leader you can be, or becoming a successful entrepreneur or coach, or even simply, just being the best version of yourself in all you do ~ feeling a strong sense of motivation as you carry out your dreams.

If you’re reading this, you likely have a deep passion for making the impact you feel you are here on this Earth to make, with your community, business, co-workers, family, or the world . . .

And I assure you, there’s a High Performance habit for that.  

I will show you how to use these most needle-moving habits for greatest RESULTS.

I can share with you that I had spent years in both my life and business, re-inventing wheels and spinning them aimlessly.  Always busy but not feeling I was “getting anywhere”.

At times I felt I had some direction, and that I had a calling and moments of achievement, but I didn’t have the discipline, the motivation, or the consistent energy required to maintain what I truly desired long term.

As I grew restless working jobs that seemed to suck the soul from me, and wondering if I would ever really serve my purpose, I was led to strategies (and I took action!) that changed my life and habits drastically.

And while I won’t ever get that “floundering” time back, I learned greatly from it, and I can teach you exactly how to put a stop to, or even avoid altogether, the same frustrations!

If there’s one secret to my success, it’s that I listened and took action when I was offered these exact world-class strategies.

Because over the last decade I’ve dug in deep with the world’s most effective and strategic high performing thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers, and I’ve learned and employed their top secrets.

I've learned EXACTLY what motivates human beings to stop doing what holds them back, and to start doing the needle-moving actions that lead them right to their ultimate goals and dreams.

I’m blessed now as an elite High Performance Coach, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a 3-time world-record holding team leader, to share my experiences and insights directly with the people I serve.

High achievers just like us, shaving time off their journey so they can get right to the good stuff, and live their mission with grace, flow, and joy.

  • Isn’t it time to truly CLAIM your purpose. . . 
  • Isn't it time to TRANSFORM your presence and therefore your influence . . . 
  • It's time to UNLEASH your ultimate productivity. . .

My mastermind members have transformed their lives, businesses, and environments, using the proven strategies I’ve used myself, and which I've been highly trained to deliver.

Together, we’ve become a strong and supportive community of achievers, lifting one another up higher than we ever could have done alone.

Isn’t it time you had the support you deserve, to make your goals a reality once and for all?

What could you accomplish with an ENTIRE, close-knit community of like-minded, uplifting thought leaders right beside you?

The Maven Mastery Community is a monthly, professionally facilitated mastermind featuring High Performance Coaching strategies, meetings, downloadable worksheets, and more, all delivered by yours truly, as one of only 300 elite Certified High Performance Coaches in the entire world.

This is the stuff that billionaires, Fortune 50 CEO’s, rockstar Moms and Dads, Olympians, and mission-driven people just like you and me, are using to get ahead, and to out-perform themselves and their competition, on a consistent basis.

I’m personally trained by the mega High Performing thought leaders in the industry, having spent thousands of hours LIVE with my dear mentor Brendon Burchard, as well as Tony Robbins, Jay Fiset, Jannette Anderson, Jon Morrow, and many, many more.  

I truly value my personal development education, the training that allows me to deliver results for my clients, and the hard-won experience I've gathered in my decade leading a progressive business.  And my entire heart is set on sharing it with you, as I've done for others.

And I won’t mention how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I’ve invested in my comprehensive education and certifications, but as you know it’s been a decade-long journey of applying the most imperative strategies to my own life and business.

But I will mention the time and money I can save you, just by claiming your commitment to masterminding with me each month.

I'll give you laser-focused insights and action steps, specific to YOU and the RESULTS you want to create.  

Lots of masterminds meet monthly, check in with one another, share thoughts and goals, but they lack the scientifically proven TRAINING and MOTIVATION that gets you moving swiftly to your goals.

It takes more than chatting with an accountability partner to achieve the dreams calling to you from your soul, would you agree? You need the most cutting-edge tactics and tools that create results NOW.

Because within the Maven Mastery Community, every single month, I’ll deliver to you the MOST CURRENT trainings in:

  • Reaching High Performance in life, career, and biz
  • Starting your business and / or taking it to the next level
  • Entrepreneurial mindset + systems + development for ultimate success
  • Claiming your confidence + Honing your Influence
  • Using masterminds to grow in life, and grow your community, mission, or business
  • Rocking your online marketing and online business or purpose consistently 
  • And much, much more!

All of which you can apply immediately to reach your highest potential in all areas.

Become the world-class leader that your tribe (business, company, team, kids, family, etc.) have been waiting for!

Be the leader who actually makes the difference and impact you want to make in the world.

This monthly program is FOR YOU if:

  • You’ve been looking for a community to call “home”, which will support you in achieving your goals as the highest performing version of yourself. 
  • You want to be held accountable to your dreams. You don’t want to reach the end of your life and realize you never found your purpose or passion, let alone lived it.
  • You want this year to be the most bold, courageous, high-achieving year you’ve lived yet, and you want to stack successive years onto that foundation for your future.

This monthly program is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You’d rather do everything on your own, reinventing wheels and climbing uphill all by yourself. 
  • You’d rather just have an online course to watch, so you're entertained but not challenged by real, live, interactive coaching, designed to catapult you to your successes faster. 
  • You’re not much of a team player. You don’t cheer others on as they succeed alongside you.    


I'm curious:  what did you discover?  Are your ratings reflective of where you ultimately want to BE throughout 2017 and beyond?  

If you rated low in a certain area, perhaps Clarity, or Productivity, or Energy, for example, what would it take for you to make that a 10 this year?  

Would you like to learn the strategies which make 10's happen consistently for the world's Highest Performers?

First, you should know, this program is NOT an online course.

And it's not a social club, (though we do have massive amounts of FUN!).

We’re a mastery community of High Performing, training-oriented, action-taking, mission-driven achievers, checking off our goals and dreams one by one using only the top-most proven strategies.

This IS a LIVE monthly coaching and interactive mastermind program.

Each month, you’ll sit down with me, your Certified High Performance Coach, and our AMAZING group of fellow Mavens just LIKE us, in a private meeting just for us.

I train you, we interact, learn from one another's insights and perspectives, and most of all, we hold one another accountable, and apply what we’ve learned each month moving forward.

You’ll ask me your questions as they arise and you can ask me anything you like. You’ll learn from your fellow High Performing Mavens as we progress through new monthly strategies together and lift one another up to reach our goals.

There is absolute magic in a mastermind environment where the atmosphere is that of support, harmony, inspiration, authenticity, and most importantly: STRATEGY.

Top all that off with the accountability built in, so that everyone follows through with what they learn, and you have the formula for what I believe is why my masterminds are hailed as “the best in Erie, if not the world.”

Those are not my words, they are the words of one of my members, Jennifer Dworek.  

But I humbly share them because I believe so strongly in her and in those who have shared so many similar sentiments.  

They are the kind of people I’m blessed to attract into my life and business, and the kind of people you’ll meet inside our beautiful, supportive tribe.

Check out what my past members, clients, and colleagues have had to say when you click the green button, and see why they recommend my work so passionately and personally.

My past mastermind members have paid me $497 every month for access to me and these trainings.

My private clients pay me $10,000 to work with me one on one.

But I’ve made myself available to you and our community for a tiny fraction of these prices, because I know it’s part of my greater mission to serve the larger close-knit tribe that we’re becoming.

That’s why I’ve made this my most incredible, most affordable and most high-value mastermind yet.


  • YOUR GUARANTEE:  There is NO RISK to you when you join today, because this monthly program has no contract ~ you can cancel at any time.  And you have a 100% 30 day Money Back Guarantee!  At anytime within the first month, if you are not completely satisfied that these are the BEST STRATEGIES in the WORLD for you and your goals, just let my team know and we will refund you immediately!  

  • LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Please know that I’ll only be sharing about enrollment into our community for a limited time, after that, you won’t hear about it for awhile because I'll be giving everything I've got to our current rockstar community members.  This is Founding Member only pricing, and it will be increasing 2 - 3 times of what it is today!

  • TAKE ACTION TODAY!  If you want to be the FIRST in your area to receive these cutting edge trainings on everything from the Top 6 Secrets of the world’s highest performing achievers, to exactly how to launch, fill up, and lead your own mastermind(s), (and put these strategies into practice before your competition does!) then you’ll want to enroll TODAY and before this offer, with all the perks, disappears.  

I know it takes courage to step forward in life and to invest in yourself as a leader, which is why I honor you, and offer you the full 100% money back guarantee on this purchase.

I only want to work with you if you try the program for 30 days, and absolutely LOVE it so much that you would recommend it to a friend!

And speaking of recommending the program, when you DO share this program with a friend, how would you like to earn CASH immediately?!  


All Maven Mastery Community members actually earn 30% commission EVERY MONTH when their friends sign up to try the program!

Every month that your buddies are a member, YOU get paid.  Monthly.  Yes, monthly.  I mean every, single, month.  :)

(By the way, this means you’d be earning back your entire membership fee, and receive each monthly training for free, by recommending just 2 members!)

There is no limit to how many folks you can share the love with, and every time your friends or fam or colleagues enroll in this High Performance journey with you, you're earning warm and lovely and wonderful cash!!

We're a community of abundance and I wouldn't be me if I wasn't sharing the love, and sharing that cash.  

You can build your own community within our community, and earn lots of monies in doing so.  

We know from High Performance studies that your peer groups affect your level of success immensely.   Imagine surrounding yourself this month with a group of people dedicated to their success, and the success of everyone in this close-knit membership.

This kind of energy is priceless ~ but we generate it every day inside the member's area!!

  • But remember, you will only see this invite for a LIMITED TIME.  I’m ready to focus on my next wave of masterminders.  (And I’ve already released this enrollment page to my top clients who joined IMMEDIATELY ~ we're waiting for YOU just inside the tribe!

Which is why I can tell you already, this is an extremely high-achieving group of rockstars!

And if you're here, I think you’re ready to join us!

Check out everything you receive right on the next page, when you click the green button.

Plus the massive BONUSES waiting for you when you enroll as a FOUNDING MEMBER of this results-based mastermind!

Sadly for many people, investing in themselves and the achievement of their own goals is so often placed last on the list.

No wonder our world feels to so many people like it’s spiraling right now.

That’s why now more than ever, is the time for YOU to invest in YOU, your dreams, your goals, your future.

The more invested you are in you, and how you can make your immediate circle of this world a better place, the less the chaos of the outside will affect or derail you from your mission(s).

And I’ve learned from experience that the moment I stepped up for myself, put my money down on my success, and invested in my future, mountains moved on my behalf, glass ceilings shattered, and goals were achieved.

You’re already successful, and you likely know how it works: take action, invest in yourself and get the training you need, cheer your buddies on around you, and BELIEVE in your limitless potential.  It's that simple recipe for the whole Universe, your faith, and your drive, conspiring to make your dreams come true.  We can accelerate that process quickly together.  

  • Imagine taking your current success and multiplying it by 10 this year!?
  • What is that next level for you?
  • What plateau have you hit that you know you need to do something different for, in order to break through?

Had I not experienced this same phenomenon, I wouldn’t so confidently invite you to invest in yourself and in your future now.

But I simply wouldn’t be here right now if I hadn’t invested in myself.

Your time to learn, all that myself and this rockstar group have to offer you, and to achieve the goals my members and clients have achieved and beyond, is now.

Don’t hesitate.

Join the Mavens Movement, and as the Maven (expert) of your own life, purpose, and passions, learn how to share your journey with others to make your greatest difference in your world and on this planet.

I've got things all ready for you.

And I'll be here with you, every step of the way!

You need to learn how to GENERATE the full JOY, ENGAGEMENT, CONFIDENCE, and most of all, STRATEGY, that you need to go out and crush your dreams.  

So you might as well go ahead and let those dreams know. . . we're coming for them, Maven.  :)

I would love to welcome you into the community at this Founding Member pricing, which will not last forever!  Lock in your Founding Member rate so your monthly tuition never increases!  You can try it FREE for 30 days, and cancel any time!

Click the green button and join the party!!

I’ll see you on the inside. . . 

The world needs you, Maven!

with love,


P.S.  And remember . . . 

But it takes strategy, accountability, support, inspiration, and practice.  

We'll do it together.  



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