Smiling through tears

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One of our most profound spiritual teachers has moved on this past week.

His team has gifted you something very special in his honor.

Perhaps like me, you’ve been following Dr. Wayne Dyer for some time, and so it feels like he’s been there for you through countless moments in your life.

Or, if you’re new to his work, I think you’ll find it transcends his passing and will be with us always.

Either way, I’ve made this vid for you, in honor of the man who said:

“Don’t die with your music still in you.” (Tweet here)

For the 3 life-altering reasons in this video, I’m ever grateful Dr. Dyer shared himself so generously with the world.  Through our completely virtual connection, he’s had a profound effect on my life.

Vid Ch Week 5 thumbnail 9

As shared in his many teachings, Dr. Dyer was not afraid of dying and was looking forward to his next big adventure.

Here’s your link to the beautiful free gift available in his honor this week.  I know I’m gonna snuggle up and enjoy “The Shift” this Labor Day weekend and I hope you do, too.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments on the blog as we celebrate the life of this humble and spiritual guru.

(You just may light someone else up with your insights, and that’s always a nice thing.)

And get READY my friend, because a WHOLE NEW WAY for us to connect is coming very soon!

(If you can’t wait for official details, visit this page for the sneaky peeky ~ the big kick off is almost here!)

With love and peace and a Happy Labor Day,


Pssst . . . snuggle time!

(Watch “The Shift” movie ~ this week only)

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4 comments to Smiling through tears

  • bobbis  says:

    Dr. Wayne has left an amazing impression on my life. I’ve found and revisited him several times along the way. I will carry his words and inspiration forever. Thank you Car, for sharing what Dr. D has given to you.

    • Carlaquarius  says:

      SO resonate, Bobbis! As you said, we will carry his wisdom forever. <3 So grateful he shared himself so completely. Big hugs as always.

  • Wilma Fleming  says:

    I am absolutely LOVING the “I Can See Clearly Now” book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. THANKS for hosting this reading group and no surprise-you’ve inspired me-AGAIN!
    Love, Wilma

    • Carlaquarius  says:

      Awww so happy you’re loving it as much as I am, Mom! Love you! <3

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