Saying my Goodbyes

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Goodbye, my friend.

These words can sound like a bit of a downer, right?!

So I crafted a way to say “Goodbye” at the end of my shows that made us all feel good even though the night would soon be coming to a close.

In today’s video I’m sharing some of the process behind writing my “Goodbyes” song and I’m asking you to tell me:

Carla Goodbyes Creative Zone 1

Watch video.

How does it feel for you when you’re working creatively, and you find you’re in that state of “flow”? Like when you’re just “in the zone”.

This question isn’t just for artists or musicians ~ everyone can find that creative place where time just stands still and you’re working and enjoying and loving what you’re doing in that moment.

So what is that place or thing for you?  

And do you spend enough time there?


And if you’re not sure exactly “where” that place is, I hope this vid gets your creative juices flowing.

Plus, I think you’ll like the music and the quick little bloopers reel at the end. :)

Meanwhile, have a wonderfully creative week, however you choose to spend it, and as I mention in the vid. . .

Remember:  you’re the ONLY U in the Universe!  So let your star shine brightly, my friend.  

(Whatever this means for you ~ I’m over here wishing it right out at you.)

Much love and goodbye kisses for now,



P.S. Here’s that video link. Are you in your creative zone?

(FREE music download waiting for you there. Just ’cause I love ya.)

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