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I’m so glad you’re here.   I’ve got some things for you!

I already know we’re going to get along, because I’ve been blessed my whole life to attract amazing souls like you into my life.

Just as my Aquarius Zodiac sign suggests, my passions in life range far and wide, so you’ll always find something new and interesting in my weekly blog (subscribe here!),  where I’m honored to share my heart and soul and music with you.

I was born on January 27th, making me a legit Aquarian soul with all the quirks and creative spunk.

I was born in a little town called Friendship, NY, and I was born to share my gifts with the world.

Carla Fleming at the Rock Erie Music Awards '13

ANd you know what?  If you haven’t heard yet. . . YOU were born to share your gifts with the world, too!  Together, let’s make some magic, and I’ve got lots of insights and inspirations to share with you along the way.

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You may already know I’ve got this way of adoring everyone I meet.  Like you.  I just love you already!

And I feel called to share my music with those who may feel brightened by it.

I’m told by my thousands of subscribers that my uplifting messages spark positive changes in their lives, and I LIVE for the honor of inspiring you in any way.

Carla Fleming and Jassen Wilber and #AJO

That’s me on stage with Jassen Wilber ~ what an honor and blessing for me to perform with fellow world-traveling musicians.  And I love to keep amazing causes like #AJO front and center whenever I can.  Do you see that #ajo sign above?  

So.  I’m a creator.  I use my award-winning music, my writing, and my dancing to trigger human connection and self-reflection in my fans, and most of all, to UPLIFT.  I’m a performing and recording artist, a Certified High Performance Coach (TM) a teacher, and therefore lifelong student, who cherishes the melody of life and the harmony of friendships.

I like sharing my music with you because YOU yourself are a unique melody that no one else in the world could sing, not even if they tried. I hope that by sharing my art with you, you’ll be further inspired to share your gifts with the world.   I’m here to remind you of that as often as you may need to hear it.

Ever wonder why composers never “run out” of new music to create or new harmonies to blend?

Artistic creation is vastly infinite.  And so are YOU.  (These are the things I like to talk about.)  :)

Carla Fleming Before & After

I LOVE health and wellness, too.  Having kept off 50 pounds this last decade through belly dance, better eating, and emotional healing (an ongoing  process),  I’ve got lots of insights from experience to share about feeling well and living LONG.

Carla Fleming, by Sarah Kay Images

I teach piano, voice, guitar, and belly dance lessons all over the world, and direct my arts school and belly dance company at my home base in Erie, PA, where I’m involved in many organizations that love to give back, to empower, and to motivate fellow members.

I’m always excited to learn and grow and I’m as thrilled to explore my multi-passions as I am to experiment with new hair colors.  ; )

I’m fulfilled by creating things that spark hope, nostalgia, happiness, and human connection.

I’m a blessed daughter, a lucky sister and friend, a VERY proud Auntie, and a grateful girlfriend.

Like all of us, I’ve experienced a spectrum of life’s tragedies as well as its miraculous moments, and I’m still here and still loving, right along with you.

Carla Fleming, Dawning Soul

This pic is from my Dawning Soul photo shoot in Paris with NYC photographer Orlando Perez.  What a thrill!  I’m continually grateful for these surreal blessings as they pop into my life.

And YOU are one of them.   I’m truly honored to have crossed your path, and I look forward to hopefully working together soon!

Meanwhile, I’d like to give you this “Nostalgic New Year” wish below, because it’s always a good time to ponder Auld Lang Syne and create for yourself, the life that’s coming up for you ahead.

I’ll see you in the comments on the Carlaquarius blog, so we can stay in touch!

And remember, you’re the only U in the Universe!  And I, for one, would REALLY like to see what you’re made of!

With so much love and all the best wishes,

From my heart to yours,





Professional Bio:

Carla Fleming, a.k.a. Carlaquarius is a Certified High Performance Coach™ and founder of The Fleming School of the Arts and Lake Erie Belly Dance.  An international performing artist, blogger, speaker, mastermind/seminar leader, teacher, and therefore student, she cherishes the melody of life and the harmony of friendships.

Carla is the 2014 Shimmy Mob world record holding team leader and received the Erie Reader’s 40 Under 40 award for 2015. Featured in publications and media like Armstrong Television, nationally award-winning Her Times, WQLN, and Dawning Soul, Carla is passionate about uplifting lives through coaching, music, dance, and the arts, and as an award-winning composer is fulfilled by creating works that spark hope, happiness, nostalgia, and human connection. She is currently accepting High Performance Coaching™ clients and scheduling 2016 music, dance, and speaking performances.

A graduate of Binghamton University of New York, High Performance Academy, Experts Academy, B-School, as well as a scholarship recipient and blogging mentee of the infamously sweet Jon Morrow, Carla also maintains her belly dance certifications with FCBD & SSSBD and  

teaches piano, voice, and belly dance classes while serving her High Performance Coaching™ clients and groups, and directing TFSA and LEBD in Erie, PA.

As a blessed daughter, a lucky sister and friend, a very proud Auntie, and a grateful girlfriend, like many of us, Carla has experienced the spectrum of life’s tragedies to miraculous moments, and is still here, and still loving, right along with you.

Want Carla to coach your corporate team with the most current High Performance strategies?  

Please email: carlaquarius@gmail.com


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