You’re the world’s greatest ______! (Fill in the blank)

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I really mean that, my friend.

You can fill in the blank with whatever you like, and set your goal in motion.

(You can probably prove me right already.)  

I KNOW there’s something (or many things) you’re AMAZING at doing right now, 

so who’s to say you AREN’T the world’s greatest?  

See what I mean in this video.

Why YOU should share your STORY pic

Add to that the right mentors, mindset, and discipline, well, in the words of one of the world’s greatest speakers himself:

“GREATNESS belongs to those who have mastered the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambitions, and act decisively toward them.”

 ~Brendon Burchard


So I recently shared with you my first extemporaneous video (which was NOT great, LOL, but it WAS a start!).

(If you MUST, (heehee!) you can watch video 1 right here, to see just how. . . ahem. . . ROUGH around the edges, we were.)

But as you’ve probably learned in your own endeavors, the secret is just getting out there and doing it again.

And again.

Thankfully – just 4 transformational days later – my fellow Certified High Performance Coaching besties and I filmed our 2nd extemp vid as a follow-up to the first, hopefully redeeming ourselves!

In this new video, we discuss why YOU should be sharing your unique

story and/or GOING for your stars and dreams.


THEN we give you our BIGGEST and most VALUABLE takeaways from this WORLD CLASS training – all yours!!

After practicing the tools and techniques we learned from our stellar mentors during this intensive 4-day training, I think we’d all say, that we GREW in leaps and bounds, in both confidence and ability.

(I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a pen and journal before you push play because there are some priceless nuggets of wisdom in this one.

It’s the next-best-thing to having attended WORLD’S GREATEST SPEAKER TRAINING yourself!)

If you’ve been WANTING to build your online presence, or communicate 

more clearly with family, friends, or clients, this new vid will help.

And if you aren’t sure where to go from there, you can message me, my friend!

Online marketing (for the forces of GOOD!) is one of my FAVORITE topics to coach my clients on, along with public speaking, musical performances, blogging, and of course, High Performance, presence, and excellence in all you do.

Working with me means NEXT LEVEL LIVING in all areas of your life.

(Just ask my clients!)

I’d be happy to hook you up with a strategy session,

as one of my adored email subscribers.


Pssst. . . I’m blessed to have been a 2012 B-School grad (the world’s legendary online-business school), a 2014 scholarship-winning mentee of the infamously sweet Jon Morrow, and a successful online marketer in my own right ~  My WORLD-RECORD-WINNING campaign for Shimmy Mob was done ENTIRELY online!

All this means is that I can joyfully jump in, assess, and HELP YOU in minutes where you need it the most.

Just message me at and tell me what you’re working on or would like to accomplish with me, and I’m there for you just like that.

Know that I’m always in your corner and happy to help.  

If this video resonates with you, see if you can answer these 3 Q’s for yourself, in 15 seconds or less:

1. What are your areas of greatness?  

2. How are you achieving your goals in those areas?

3. What would it take to make it all happen THIS YEAR?

Your sense of clarity is always KEY.   (Take a minute to journal on these Q’s, comment below, or message your answers to me, and see what comes up for you.)

Have an AWESOME week and do GREAT things!

Always with love,


P.S. You can learn my favorite tips right here.


Carla Fleming

Certified High Performance Coach

Founder, The Fleming School of the Arts; Lake Erie Belly Dance

World Record Holding Team Leader, Shimmy Mob Team Erie

40 Under 40 Award Recipient, The Erie Reader, 2015


Want Carla to coach your corporate team with the most current High Performance strategies?  

Please email:

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