Practicing vulnerability? Hope so! (here’s why)

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What I’m about to share with you should possibly just remain private.  :)

BUT I’m practicing vulnerability today.

You know, you’ve just got to put yourself OUT there sometimes.

Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do more of, 

but you’ve held back, because conditions weren’t “perfect”,

or maybe you thought you lacked the skill or courage?

Play video.

3 Certified HPCs DISH

For example, one of the skills I’m working on this year, in my biz and for life in general, is the practice of extemporaneous speaking.  (Speaking on a given topic, without any notes.)

As you’ll see in the vid, one of my dearest friends, and a fellow High Performance Coach from Norway, Aina Myrvold, challenged the 3 of us roommates to do an extemp video together this past week, from our hotel room in California.

Twas the night before Brendon Burchard’s World’s Greatest Speaker Training, and

in her defense, Aina HAD warned us that she would post the video. . . 

(But of course we didn’t think she’d really DO IT, since we were in our bathing suits and just sitting on the bed of our messy (Aquarians!) hotel room!)

Well. . . Miss Aina is a woman of her word. :)

And, I’ve gotta say, I’m immensely grateful that she shared our little chat.  And now, I’m sharing it with you.

To have a marking point, and to be able to measure your skill level 

in a specific area is invaluable for your progress toward any goal.

This vid is by no means profesh, but it’s certainly REAL and I think it shows our courage to jump in, practice what we’re learning, and speak from the heart.

After you watch, I’d really love to hear about the challenges or goals you’re putting into play for yourself this coming Fall?

What’s the best way for you to measure where you’re currently at in your goal?

By recording a video?  Doing an audio recording?  Keeping a journal?

What steps will you take daily or weekly to meet your goal?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights on this topic.  Hit reply and let me know what you’re working on this year! 

#MakeYourLearningSocial and watch your skills skyrocket!

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I hope all this talk of challenges and social learning gets you FIRED UP for your biggest goals and dreams this year, my friend.

Wishing you the best as always,

Keep in touch,


P.S. You’re still not judging, right?  😉

Carla Fleming

Certified High Performance Coach

Founder, The Fleming School of the Arts, Lake Erie Belly Dance

World Record Holding Team Leader, Shimmy Mob Team Erie

40 Under 40 Award Recipient, The Erie Reader, 2015


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